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Industry and Professional Clubs

Industry-focused clubs provide co-curricular training, events, and networking opportunities to augment your academic preparation and enhance your professional development. Clubs routinely lead initiatives that offer exclusive access to senior alumni and corporate contacts. As a member, you can expect to hear from speakers, participate in case competitions and career workshops, as well as partake in lunch-and-learn events and corporate tours.


COTA - 730 x 400

Consulting, Operations, Technology, and Analytics (COTA)

The mission of Consulting, Operations, Technology, and Analytics (COTA) is to establish itself as an organization pivotal to the success of students interested in these industries. Through consulting focused workshops, formal case prep sessions, the annual West Coast Trek, and more, our goal is to equip and educate our members to be successful in their internship and career searches. COTA concentrates on building lasting relationships with the Simon administration and faculty, as well as networking with alumni to encourage speaking engagements and facility tours. COTA also provides substantial assistance to members in securing internships and full-time positions through targeted education, training, and developing a sense of continuity and legacy within the Simon community.

Simon Data Analytics Club - 730 x 400

Data Analytics Club

The Data Analytics Club unites MS and MBA students with a passion for analytics and data visualization. In addition to providing a forum for knowledge sharing, the club acts as a platform for students to interact with faculty and companies and offers training in various programming languages and big-data systems. The club seeks to enhance students' understanding of the role analytics play in business. Members will participate in forums with business leaders, travel for company treks, and hone programming and design skills.

Net Impact - 730 x 400

Net Impact

The mission of the Simon Net Impact chapter is to inspire, educate, and equip individuals to use the power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world. To fulfill this mission, Net Impact is committed to providing members with an array of opportunities that will:

  • Empower graduate students to use their skills to positively impact their surroundings
  • Help students put their beliefs into action through sustainability efforts
  • Enlarge members' professional network by connecting them with other like-minded individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to corporate social responsibility

Real Estate Association at Simon (REAS)

The Real Estate Association at Simon (“REAS”) aims to expose the Simon community to every facet of the real estate industry. REAS’s goal is to leverage Simon's respected and well-known finance program to add dimension to the real-estate industry, which is a largely finance-based field.

Club objectives are focused around the following four pillars:

  • Academic - Educate students on the importance of the real estate industry, ranging from the basic terms and principles to assisting students with developing the financial acumen necessary to succeed
  • Network - Connect students with alumni and real estate professionals through networking events and tailored workshops
  • Career - Introduce students to career opportunities in the different branches of real estate
  • Community Service - Expose students to community service opportunities by partnering with local organizations to be an asset to the Rochester community

Simon Accounting Association (SAA)

Simon Accounting Association (SAA) focuses on students pursuing long-term careers in accounting and related industries. SAA is committed to increasing the visibility of the Simon MS Accounting program, as well as the MBA program's accountancy concentration.

SAA provides MS Accounting and MBA students with resources that will help them prepare for successful careers. The club sponsors accounting-focused professional development programming and workshops, provides networking opportunities to assist with full-time and internship searches, and creates a sense of community for accounting students through mentoring programs and social events.

Simon Entrepreneurs Association (SEA)

Simon Entrepreneurs Association (SEA) is a faculty, industry, and community-advised club that connects Simon Business School and the Ain Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Rochester. The club was founded in September 2005 on the following vision: "We declare the possibility of instilling entrepreneurship as a way of being in all endeavors and integrating students, faculty, alumni, and external resources to create a platform for launching successful ventures and contributing to the development of a top 10 entrepreneurship program. Implicit in this declaration is the realization that entrepreneurship is a way of managing one's life and resources to undertake new ventures. It can be applied not only to emerging technologies, but also to family and small businesses, initiatives and restructuring in large corporations, social impact, and personal projects. It is the goal of SEA to create an environment that fosters such thinking in all disciplines by creating a portfolio of academic, professional, and social activities that integrate entrepreneurial interests and resources from throughout the Rochester community."

Simon Finance & Investment Club (SFIC)

The purpose of the Simon Finance & Investment Club (SFIC) is to provide members with a one-stop resource to learn about careers in finance and investment-related fields. SFIC gives students a forum to ask questions and receive mentorship and guidance, with an overarching goal of preparing its members to secure summer and full-time roles. Through Simon alumni and the Career Management Center’s recruiting connections, the club seeks to foster and maintain strong relationships with corporations in order to provide members with as many opportunities to enter the finance-related fields as possible. This is an interest-based club with a well-defined merit-based process to fill the board positions available for those that display aspirations for a career in finance or investment roles. The privileges of membership will include industry specific training, access to the Meliora Fund, mentorship, and access to networking events such as the annual Simon Finance & Investment Conference in NYC. Other events include pitch competitions, trading competitions, case competitions, mock interview preparation, firm-wide presentations, cocktail networking events, CV reviews, financial valuation and modeling workshops, and career fair preparations.

Simon Health Sciences (SHS)

Simon Health Sciences is a collaborative effort of students and faculty focused on fostering the understanding of the rapidly changing health care environment. SHS provides opportunities and support to student interested in pursuing careers in businesses related to health care and life sciences, including: biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, information and biomedical technology, venture capital, consulting, and investment banking. Club members attend executive seminars, recruiting trips, conferences, and discussions to help prepare them for interviews, internships, and future positions in the health care industry.

Simon Marketing Association - 730 x 255

Simon Marketing Association (SMA)

The Simon Marketing Association (SMA) brings together students, faculty, and business leaders who share a common interest in marketing. Top executives discuss their individual roles, as well as the marketing strategies they employ in fields as diverse as advertising, consulting, financial marketing, market research, product development, retail marketing, and brand management. Companies participating in these activities have included Procter & Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, Reckitt Benckiser, Microsoft, Bausch & Lomb, Eastman Kodak, Kraft, PepsiCo, General Mills, Pillsbury, and Xerox. In addition to presenting speakers, building marketing skills with hands-on activities, and offering students networking opportunities, the SMA sponsors the annual inter-school Simon Marketing Case Competition, which brings together top marketing talent from many of the best MBA programs in the country.

Simon Pricing Club - 730 x 400

Simon Pricing Club

Simon Pricing Club (SPC) fosters an understanding of the pricing domain and promotes the pricing industry among Simon students. SPC offers professional programming to develop practical pricing skills. The club undertakes a number of regularly scheduled initiatives in conjunction with the Center for Pricing, including attending the Professional Pricing Society conference and inviting pricing industry leaders to campus.

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