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Social and Athletic Clubs

Simon’s social and athletic clubs give you opportunities to enjoy the company of your peers and connect with our community. Join a recreational sports team, become a volunteer, or seek a thrilling adventure. Business school doesn't have to be all business.

Business Christian Fellowship (BCF)

Business Christian Fellowship (BCF) is devoted to disciple Christian students at Simon and provide an open forum for all through community building, spiritual formation, outreach/service, and integration of faith and work. BCF organizes a variety of social events with the aim of building nourishing friendships among students, alumni, faculty, and administrators. BCF also holds regular open bible study and book discussions, and prayer meetings to offer students a source of support and inspiration amidst challenging studies. BCF also aims to continue to positively impact the Simon community and the greater Rochester community by touching lives and assisting people through several annual service projects.

Simon Outdoor Adventure Club - 730 x 400

Outdoor Adventure Club

Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC) provides the Simon community with the opportunity to network and develop friendships while participating in outdoor activities. Outdoor activity fosters camaraderie and confidence, and the OAC strives to share regional outdoor events while introducing Simon students to new experiences through adventure! Upstate New York provides us with the perfect landscape for outdoor adventure through hiking, white water rafting, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, and outdoor exploration.

Simon Basketball Club

The goal of the Simon Basketball Club is to provide Simon students with the opportunity to get together to enjoy the international game of basketball and foster strong relationships between classmates, faculty, administration, and alumni who enjoy the game. The Simon Basketball Club will coordinate weekly games in the Goergen Athletic Center, and annually participate in business school tournaments. The Basketball Club will provide students with a positive avenue to achieve physical fitness and will be a viable networking opportunity with members of our school.

Simon Dance Club

Simon Dance Club (SDC) aims to promote a sense of community through dance. We provide an open and fun environment that allows members to learn about new dance styles and cultures as well as meet new people. SDC embraces dancers of all levels, and our only rule is positive encouragement at all times! Not only do we host dance lessons for our members, SDC regularly performs at club and student events throughout the academic year.

Simon Gaming Club

The mission of the Simon Gaming Club is to provide all students with social activities to further develop friendship and networking opportunities. By connecting members of the Simon community through weekly social gaming meetings and events, we foster relationships in a fun environment while expanding the Simon footprint to the game industry.  

Simon Golf Club

The goal of the Simon Golf Club is to provide all Simon students with the opportunity to learn and play the game of golf, and capitalize on its connection with the business world and networking opportunities. The Simon Golf Club will coordinate a variety of golf outings throughout the school year at some of the 60+ area courses. These outings will be the primary vehicle used to introduce members to fellow classmates, Simon faculty and administration, area alumni and business executives. The Simon Golf Club will provide students with the chance to develop and refine their golf skills, and will stress the importance of golf as both a social and networking opportunity.

Simon Says 

Simon Says provides a platform for students to showcase their talents and creativity. We strive to add an exciting and fun dynamic within the Simon community through student celebrations, talent shows, art, photography exhibits, and more.

Simon Partners - 730 x 400

Simon Partners

Simon Partners is a casual social club operated by the significant others of Simon students. Simon Partners is an excellent opportunity for Simon students’ partners to obtain career and volunteer contacts in the local area. Additionally, it is designed to provide partners of students coming to Simon Business School an opportunity to build friendships! We welcome all partners (engaged, married, or other) of students and their families to the Simon community, even if your partner will just be visiting for the weekends. Simon Partners events take place in a casual and relaxed setting. There are no dues or fees, other than expenses incurred at planned activities.

Simon Soccer Club

Simon Soccer Club provides an opportunities for students to play and promote the international game of soccer while promoting Simon Business School. The leadership and teamwork demanded by this sport can also be translated into success off the field. We give students not only a break from the books and the demanding academic environment, but also a unique opportunity to network and share experiences with other MBA students and Simon alumni. We participate in business school tournaments at Yale during the fall and at Tuck during the spring. Despite our smaller class size, we always compete on an even level with the top-ranked business schools.

Simon Squash Club

Simon Squash Club provides an opportunity for students, faculty, and alumni to interact with each other while learning the game of squash. Squash is a popular sport in the business community, especially on Wall Street. Members benefit from the excellent workout and enjoyment of the great game, as well as great networking opportunities.

Simon Tennis Club

Simon Tennis Club strives to develop friendship and networking opportunities to all members of the Simon community, as well as a professional and personal platform among other business schools. Business executives often play tennis as a means of exercise and networking. Weekly practices, annual tournaments, and participation in the Winter Fest are just a few of the benefits of joining the Tennis Club!


Toastmasters - 730 x 400

Simon Toastmasters

Simon Toastmasters provides a supporting and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills. Every week, we offer members the opportunity to practice public speaking in a relaxed, casual setting. At each meeting, members give prepared speeches, impromptu speeches, offer constructive evaluations, or simply tell a personal story. Public speaking is unavoidable at Simon, as well as in life after business school, but we take the edge off it. Simon Toastmasters promises you the opportunity to develop the communication and critical thinking skills you need to be successful in a supportive environment.

Simon UNcorked - 730 x 400

Simon UNcorked

Simon UNcorked was founded on the belief that our students should take advantage of every opportunity to set themselves apart from other members of the business community. Beer, wine, and spirits have become an important part of the business networking culture and without a solid foundation and education, you can find yourself in embarrassing situations. For example, suppose you are hosting a business dinner. You carefully researched the restaurant's wine list in preparation for the dinner and selected a wine you thought would be ideal. Upon being seated at dinner, the waiter informs you that they are out of the wine and asks you to make another selection. WHAT DO YOU DO?!

Simon Volunteers - 730 x 400

Simon Volunteers

Simon Volunteers positively represents Simon Business School in the greater Rochester community and aims to enhance the lives of community members through building character in ourselves. Our members realize there is more to business than simple profitability. We understand that we can make a difference in the lives of others through social responsibility and involvement in the community. Examples of our annual projects include: Fall Ball Secret Santa Fundraiser, Simon Secret Santa program, Ronald McDonald House, Rochester City School District tutoring and mentoring initiatives, Habitat for Humanity, and much more.

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