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Experiential Opportunities

Business is part art and part science; mastering both components takes practice. At Simon, we're dedicated to offering you opportunities to gain hands-on experience that will help you grow into a well-rounded professional. Manage Simon’s Venture Fund, oversee a live investment portfolio, or develop and execute a community outreach project. You’ll present proposals, defend your positions, and immerse yourself in real-life situations. By the time you’re finished, you’ll graduate with a level of comfort and confidence that can only be gained through experience.

Find out how experiential learning opportunities are woven into our academic program.

Simon Venture Fund - 680w

The Simon Venture Fund (SVF) is a student-run venture capital fund based at the University of Rochester’s Simon Business School. The SVF was launched with a $1 million philanthropic investment from a Simon School alumnus and now has over $1.8 million in pledged funds. Visit the Simon Venture Fund website to learn more.

The SVF portfolio currently includes the following investments:

Meliora Fund - 680w

The Meliora Fund allows Simon students to hone their analytics and investment expertise by managing a part of the University of Rochester’s endowment. Instead of working with hypothetical investments, you’ll be able to help guide the management of a live fund as an analyst or a committee member. As you research, recommend, and execute real deals to strengthen the Meliora Fund, you’ll gain valuable insights and develop a professional skill set that will enhance your MBA experience. Visit the Meiliora Fund Web site to learn more.

Simon Vision Consultants - 680w

In addition to required consulting project courses, Simon students are encouraged to lead and execute additional experiential projects to strengthen their teamwork and problem-solving skills. Simon Vision Consultants connects businesses and organizations with students interested in tackling real-world business issues—creating a synergistic experience that benefits everyone.

As part of a Vision team, you’ll gain hands-on experience addressing complex challenges involving market research, pricing policies, sales strategies, valuations, and more. Simon Vision Consultants’ partners include companies of all sizes, nonprofit organizations, public institutions, the University, and our network of leading alumni.

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