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Current Students

MS in Accountancy

Wenxin (Wilson) Luan MSA 20

Wenxin (Wilson) Luan

“The curriculum for the STEM program here at Simon is so well designed—the academic courses you will be taking here are organized deliberately and educationally. You will also learn soft skillsets that will help you prepare for your future career through unique opportunities such as the Accountancy Career Day in New York City and Fast Track.”

Lauren Sharpe MSA 20

Lauren Sharpe

“The Benet CMC has taught me countless amazing skills that will have a positive impact on my professional life going forward. From the minute you start classes, the CMC begins offering helpful programs to get you ready to put the best version of yourself—and your résumé—in front of recruiters. Whether it’s an advisor or a Career Peer, there is always someone immediately available to help you prepare for an interview, draft an email, or ultimately help you decide what job to take in the end!”

Jake Wittig MSA 20

Jake Wittig

“I focused on three aspects when I was making my decision. I wanted to be challenged as a learner and a professional. Second, I was looking for a school that would support me in my career search. Lastly, I wanted social and professional opportunities outside of the classroom. Simon checked these boxes and then some. In addition, I enjoyed my interactions with people in the Simon community and felt I would fit in well.” 

Xiaoqing (Ada) Zhu MSA 20

Xiaoqing (Ada) Zhu

“Simon’s STEM-designated MS in Accountancy program provides an opportunity for people like me who used to study traditional accounting to implement data analytics into accounting, which helps to develop different perspectives and ways to learn business.”



MS in Accountancy, Class of 2019

Scott Litvin

Scott Litvin

Global Project Accountant

“Simon sets you up for success from Day 1. The emphasis on networking helps you make those crucial connections to find your dream job. I have learned skills that will benefit me for my entire life.”

Sisi Meng

Sisi (Gloria) Meng

Standish Management
“Before I came to Simon, I had two choices: I had a full-time return offer from EY in the audit practice, and I was admitted to Simon. I chose Simon because I wanted to enhance my analytical skills and problem-solving skills at a graduate level, because business is driven by data.”


MS in Accountancy, Class of 2018

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Xiaosu (Sue) Huang

Advisory Associate (Contractor)

“I was attracted by Simon’s academic reputation and high employment rate. Accounting professors here not only contribute to their own field of study, but are also great teachers. Courses here are designed to help you on the CPA exam, and the CPA pass rate of Simon Accountancy students surpasses the national average.”

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Zixuan (Abigail) Shen

Consulting Analyst

“I still remember that after I received the offer from Simon, some newly-admitted students established a WeChat group. We communicated with each other in the group and there were seniors talking about their own experience and their job search process. I personally benefited a lot from this. It is not easy to find a group of motivated and helpful peers. Simon has it.”

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Jiawei (Christina) Song

Leadership Experience Program Trainee

“The well-designed curriculum of Accountancy program not only better prepares me for the CPA exam, but also enables me to think more critically and comprehensively as an accounting professional. The great CMC, strong alumni connections, and various kinds of student activities also attracted me to Simon.”

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Paul Wehner

Risk Assurance Associate

“My favorite part of the Simon experience is not a single event but the overall experience every day. I’ve enjoyed learning from distinguished professors alongside bright and motivated students, getting to know other Simon students and alumni, and the ability to pursue personal, career/subject matter, and leadership interests through the various clubs on campus.”


MS in Accountancy, Class of 2017

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Yunjia (Christine) Gao

Assurance Senior

"The Fast Track Program really prepared me for job hunting with resume revisions, working on my cover letter, and networking tips with alumni. After the program, I really felt prepared and ready to face any challenges in my career development process."

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Sean Hickey

Tax Senior Associate

“Everyone there and wants to make sure you're successful and that you accomplish your own goals. I feel that toward my other classmates and I want to help them out as much as I can, and I feel like they feel the same way toward me.”

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Naixin (Chris) Kang

Staff Accountant

“We have students from all over the world. We study together, we eat together, and we play together.”

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Yijun Li

EBA Investments

“The open sense of community is what I enjoy most about Simon. All the professors, faculty members and your classmates are all there for success. It’s definitely great because you have the opportunity to enhance your practical academic experience and be trained all around to keep pace with the blooming globalization for business work places today."

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Kalkidan Tiruneh

Audit In-Charge

"When I was researching schools, one thing I was looking for was the academic credibility. Also, community was very important for me. When I visited Simon I was pleasantly surprised by the support I received from the Admissions team, the students there, and by the diversity of the student body."



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Senior Associate

"Simon's team of dedicated faculty and staff ensures that you have the support and resources you need to navigate through the hurdles and meet your goals."

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JPMorgan Chase & Co.

"The curriculum at Simon was rigorous and thorough, which ultimately helped me prepare for the CPA Exam."



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Senior Accountant
Procore Technology

"Accounting rules are constantly changing," Katrina says. "So the professors focus more on the theory and problem-solving models that will help us throughout our careers."



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Senior Auditor

“Simon seems to cultivate students who decide on a career as professional accountant,” she says. “The smaller class sizes help ensure more interactions with professors and classmates.”



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Senior Financial Analyst
Constellation Brands

"I wanted the accounting expertise, but I also wanted to expand my business network. To me there was no better place."


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