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Business Analytics Curriculum

The Simon Business Analytics curriculum is designed to provide you with a strong foundation in both analytics and business–covering statistics, analytics, and core business areas; building a solid platform for a successful career and life-long learning, while simultaneously developing hands-on skills and expertise to jump start your career.

You will get extensive experience in using cutting-edge analytics toolkits starting with courses on key analytical technologies, numerous applications and projects in these courses, and an optional summer internship. This is a STEM designated program.

Choose the Program Format that is Right for You.

Get more information on the Full-Time MS in Business Analytics Program in the course catalog.

Full-Time Business Analytics students have two available tracks:

  • Non-internship track
  • Internship track

While an internship is not required, and there is no guarantee of placement, we encourage students to consider the value that internships offer their graduate education.

Program Requirements

Note: This chart reflects the 2019-20 academic schedule. This is subject to change.

fall semester
fall a
fall b
GBA462R Core Statistics for MS Students Using R
GBA464 Programming for Analytics
GBA463 Economics and Marketing Strategy for MS Students
CIS417 Introduction to Business Analytics
MKT436 Predictive and Causal Analytics in R
GBA424 Analytics Design and Applications
CIS432 Advanced Predictive Analytics with Python
MCG461 Professional Communications (4 credits)
Business Systems Track:
Pricing Track:
Risk Management Track:
ACC439 Accounting Analytics for Forensics
MKT414 Pricing Policies
FIN461 Introductory Finance for MS Students
ACC438 Auditing II – Auditing and Information Systems
MKT440 Pricing Analytics
FIN430 Risk Management
spring semester
spring a
spring b
CIS465 Business Analytics Project (3 credits)
CIS434 Social Media Analytics
CIS418* Advanced Business Modeling and Analysis Using Spreadsheets
choose 1 elective:
CIS442E Data Management for Analytics
CIS442F Big Data

All courses are 2.5 credit-hours unless otherwise noted.

The program of study for the MSBA degree is a lock-step program that meets all the requirements for a STEM certified program.

*Internship track

  • MSBA students in the Internship track will not take CIS418 in Spring B but will take CIS418 the following Fall A as their last class. There are no exceptions on this class.
  • CIS418 can be taken remotely, however all students are required to return to campus for the last 3 hours of lecture and the final exam. Failure to attend both will result in a failing grade.

Spring B Elective

  • CIS442E is required, CIS442F is recommended. Students are allowed to take both CIS442E and CIS442F.
  • The requirement of CIS442E can be waived if students are able to show that they have prior coursework and/or experience which would give them sufficient knowledge of the subject. Please see the course catalog for more information on the waiver process.


  • Starting in Fall B students can choose a track. Tracks are suggested but not required. However, students need to be aware that some classes have prerequisites.
    • Business Systems Track
      The school strongly recommends one or more courses in accounting before attempting this track.
    • Pricing Track
      No pre-requisite coursework.
    • Risk Management Track
      The school strongly recommends one or more courses in Finance before attempting this track.
      FIN464 is a pre-requisite for FIN430.


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