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Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs below are for Fall 2021 applicants. If you have questions about applying for Spring 2021 entry, please contact our Admissions Office at or (585) 275-3533.

Important Note: Please review our COVID-19 related application FAQs for updates on policies and submission requirements.  

Do you have any tips for completing a competitive application?

Yes. Below are a few tips for submitting a competitive application:

  • Read all application instructions and refer to the FAQs often
  • Review application deadlines and allow yourself ample time to prepare your application
  • Familiarize yourself with our standardized testing policies, and schedule any required tests in advance of your desired deadline
  • Use your full legal name (as it appears on your passport) when filling out your application and registering for standardized tests
  • Check your online application shortly after submission to confirm the status is "complete"

Check out our webinar archive for additional application tips from members of our Admissions Committee.

What are the application deadlines?

Application and decision notification deadlines for our Full-Time MS program are available here.

Do you have a spring entry?

No. Fall is the only entry term for our full-time MBA and MS programs.

Which application deadline should I apply for? Do I have a greater chance of being admitted if I apply in the first deadline?

First and foremost, do not rush to submit your application just to hit the earlier deadlines. We would rather see your most competitive application—including retaking the GMAT for a more competitive score or waiting until an anticipated promotion goes into effect to strengthen your résumé—even if this means that you wait to submit your application for a later deadline. Simon uses a waitlist to ensure that we can make admission offers across every application deadline. We do not have a specific number of available offers for any given application deadline; each year our offers vary depending on the quality and size of the applicant pool.

Second, review our deadlines and take into consideration all that will need to be done to submit your application by your targeted deadline, including receiving your copies of test scores and transcripts. Keep in mind that the timing for you to hear a decision from us varies depending on which deadline you choose—those who apply for an early deadline with a complete application are guaranteed to receive their decision sooner.

Third, merit-based scholarship consideration is available throughout all application rounds. As the application cycle progresses, available scholarship funds diminish; however, there will always be scholarship funds for highly qualified and competitive applicants.

What is rolling admission?

We process and review applications the moment they are received by our office. We never hold applications, which means that if you apply earlier in an application window, there's a strong likelihood you will receive your decision sooner than the “guaranteed by” decision date for that round.

Can I apply to more than one program?

No. Applications may be submitted to only one program in an academic year.

I have a three-year degree, can I still apply?

If you participated in a three-year bachelor’s program (e.g., BCOM), this will satisfy the education requirement for our program.

Are there any prerequisites?

It depends on the program you’re applying to.

Simon’s MS in Accountancy program is highly focused and specialized, so it is helpful to have a background in business, economics, accounting, or another related area. Simon’s MSA is a CPA licensure qualifying program, which means that there are several prerequisites that applicants must meet in order to be considered for the program. While we do not provide transcript reviews prior to receiving an application, you may find it helpful to review our list of MSA prerequisites to determine whether or not you have completed the necessary coursework. Our program faculty advisor will review an applicant’s transcripts prior to rendering an admission decision.

For the MS in Business Analytics, MS in Finance, and MS in Marketing Analytics programs, there are no minimum score requirements or prerequisites, and we accept applications from anyone with an undergraduate degree achieved in three or more years.

What is the application fee and how can I pay it?

The non-refundable application fee is $90 US dollars and can be paid by credit card within the online application. Applications are incomplete until payment is received. Some applicants may qualify for an application fee waiver—review our fee waiver requirements to determine if you are eligible.

How do I select the MS internship track?

Admitted students who have paid their enrollment deposit will receive instructions on how to make their track selection. Domestic students will receive an email in April, while international students will receive instructions as part of the I-20/DS2019 process.

Do I need to send my official test scores, transcripts, and bank documents to your office before I submit my application?

No, please do not send us any official documents at the time you apply. We do not have the capacity to store paper items and will not open, process, or review any hard copy materials sent to us.

Should an offer of admission be extended and then accepted, we will request official documents identified as part of your application at that time.

What should I include on my résumé?

We suggest limiting your current résumé to two pages. Please include your employment, academic, and extracurricular history. For those without full-time work experience, internships should be included.

What is the letter of recommendation process?

We do not accept letters of recommendation. As part of the online application process, you will be asked to supply contact information for two references. If the Admissions Committee decides to contact either of your references during the application review process, you will be notified. We strongly suggest listing references who are familiar with you in a professional capacity.

Am I required to submit a video essay?

No, the video essay is optional. The video essay can add a unique dimension to your application that otherwise is not available, as it allows the Admissions Committee to watch you respond to an interview question.

If you do opt to include a video essay, your video essay link will appear in your checklist on your applicant portal. You have 24 hours to complete your video essay after submitting your application and paying your application fee. If you do not complete your video essay within 24 hours, it will no longer be considered as part of your application. Even if you indicated you would complete the video essay in your application, you will not be penalized if you do not submit one.

I’m having trouble getting my video essay to work. What advice do you have?

First, be sure you have a secure internet connection, computer with a webcam and microphone, and an updated version of Adobe Flash—all are necessary to complete the video essay. In addition, you will need to use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser.

Instructions for recording your video essay:

  • To begin press the red [Start Test] button. You will start by testing your equipment (video and sound) with a 10 second practice session.
  • Once you have thoroughly tested your equipment and acknowledge that it is working, you will be prompted to record your video essay.
  • The system will display a question for you to answer. This is a random question assigned specifically to each candidate. You will have 30 seconds to collect your thoughts and prepare your answer. A visual timer countdown will appear on the screen.
  • You will have up to 90 seconds to respond with your answer to the video essay. You may use the entire 90 seconds or stop the recording when you have sufficiently answered the question. A visual timer countdown will appear on the screen.
  • When your recording is stopped you may review your recording. If you are satisfied with your video essay recording, you may submit it. If you would like to record the video essay again, you will have the opportunity to do so.
  • The system will allow you three chances to record your video essay. Each time you redo the video essay, you will be given a different question.
  • After three attempts at recording you will not be given the opportunity to record again—it will automatically submit the third attempt and you will not be able to retract the submission.
  • You will see a message that reads “We have successfully received your video submission” after you have recorded your video essay.


  • You have three attempts to record your video essay—each attempt will present a different question.
  • You have 30 seconds to prepare your answer.
  • You have up to 90 seconds to respond.
  • After three attempts, your final video will automatically submit and you will not have the option to retract it.

For additional information—including a step-by-step guide with visual aids—click here.

I am reapplying, what do I need to do?

All applicants are required to submit a new application. Please note, Simon has recently launched a new application system and does not have access to previously submitted materials.

What is InitialView?

InitialView is a video interview platform that allows international applicants to demonstrate English proficiency through a live, unscripted interview and a writing sample. You can sign up for an interview on the InitialView website, and if you have any questions about the interview process, you can contact InitialView directly. Note that although InitialView is based in China, it is open to all applicants around the world.

How will my InitialView interview and writing sample be used?

The Simon Admissions Committee will use your InitialView interview and writing sample as part of the holistic review of your application. While this is not a required component, it is an excellent way to add another dimension to your candidacy.

Should I complete both the InitialView interview and the writing sample?

Yes. If you complete an InitialView interview, we require that you submit the writing sample as well. Submitting both components will allow you to best showcase your English proficiency to the Admissions Committee.

Should I submit my application if my InitialView interview is scheduled past the application deadline?

We will continue to look for new InitialView submissions after the application deadline, but note that if you submit a completed application before your InitialView link is available, we will proceed with reviewing your application to avoid any delays. We will add the InitialView link to your application once available, but we cannot guarantee that it will be reviewed alongside your other application materials. As such, it is strongly advised that you schedule your InitialView interview well before you submit your application to ensure we receive the link in a timely manner.

How and when will I receive an official decision notification about my application for admission?

Official notification that a decision has been made is delivered by phone and/or email to the number/email address on file in your application. Decisions are made and communicated by the notification date corresponding to the round in which your application was submitted and are accessible via the status page. It is important to keep both your email address and phone number current. Any changes to either can be made from within your online application.

I was not offered admission and want to speak to someone about this. Who do I contact?

All admission decisions are final. However, we welcome your application for next year. We encourage you to visit our online selection criteria and class profile so that you may compare your candidacy to those who have already enrolled at Simon. To improve your candidacy for next year, we recommend relevant work experience (including internships as well as part-time and full-time experience), a competitive academic profile, strong communication skills, and a demonstrated potential for leadership.

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