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Simon in the City - City Treks and Corporate Tours

The Simon network extends well beyond Rochester, NY. The CMC, student clubs, and other organizations sponsor a number of trips each year to introduce Simon students to alumni and recruiters in companies and organizations in various cities. In any given year, over 200 alumni and recruiters participate in programs such as City Treks and Corporate Tours. For example, Treks or Tours have been held in recent years in the Silicon Valley, Chicago, Boston, New York City, Washington, D.C., and Hartford, among other locations. Treks and tours have been held in numerous interest areas such as health sciences, analytics, consulting, entrepreneurship, sustainability, finance, marketing, technology, pricing, and others.

Campus-Sponsored Recruiting

We bring companies to you – and you to companies! Simon has facilities both on campus in Rochester and in New York City. Companies are offered the opportunity to meet and interview students in either location as well as virtually. Over 70 events are offered annually, including interviews, info sessions, corporate presentations, roundtables, and meet and greets.

New York City Recruiting Activities

The Simon campus is located in Rochester, NY, about six hours northwest of New York City and in close proximity to the “tri-state area” including New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The Northeast is rich with corporate headquarters, “Silicon Alley” tech start-ups, entrepreneurial organizations, professional service firms, and global professional associations. We take full advantage of our close proximity to this area, where we have strong relationships with numerous alumni, recruiters, and hiring managers in companies representing the majority of industries that tap into Simon talent. Regular buses, alumni receptions, club events, and professional conferences are just some of the things we offer each year to strengthen our students’ ties to this important financial region and source of excellent internship and job opportunities.

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