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Federal Aid Deadlines

Use the information below to determine the FAFSA deadline for your financial aid application:

  • Fall 2017 term: May 1, 2017

If you apply after the start of a term, please allow up to 2 – 4 weeks for processing of your application to determine your eligibility for aid. Keep in mind that there is additional processing time needed to set up loans for first time borrowers through the federal government. It’s recommended that you apply for aid well before you will actually need the loan funding to ensure that the Financial Aid Office has enough time to process your application.

Keep in Mind

It is important to pay attention to the academic year dates when applying for federal or alternative loans. For financial aid purposes, an academic year starts in the fall semester/quarter and extends through the summer of the following year. Depending on when you will be enrolling in your program, multiple applications may be required.

For example, if you start a program in the summer term, you will need to complete 2 FAFSAs, as your enrollment will cross two academic years. You’ll need to complete one FAFSA for the summer term, the end of one academic year, and one FAFSA for the fall term, the beginning of a new academic year. This process applies to both federal aid and alternative loan applications.





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