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While Simon offers merit scholarship support to a number of highly qualified applicants, most awards cover only a portion of tuition expenses and do not cover living expenses. Therefore, we strongly encourage international students to develop a plan for funding graduate study prior to applying to the Simon Business School.


Loans are disbursed through the Financial Aid Office; visit the University of Rochester's financial aid website for additional information.

International students do not qualify for U.S. Federal loan programs unless they are permanent residents of the United States. An international student may apply for a private alternative source of funding, but a United States citizen or permanent resident is typically required as a co-borrower.

Student Employment

We want our students to gain the most from their graduate school experience through involvement in the many learning opportunities offered locally and globally. Employment obligations, aside from the relevant project work and internships, can take away from the experience. Most students find that life as a Simon Business School student is very demanding.

International students may work up to 20 hours per week, however only a small percentage of our students pursue campus employment due to the academic rigor of the program, as well as the time typically allocated to extra-curricular activities and the internship/employment search. International students may NOT work off-campus during the first academic year (three quarters) of their program as governed by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration. Thereafter, authorization to work off-campus is required for summer internships or during the subsequent academic year.

Simon Graduate Assistant (GA) positions are available on a selective basis to some MS students and second year MBA students. GA positions working with faculty are based on academic performance in the first year of the MBA program. An interview and selection process is typically used for GA roles in administrative offices. There are also opportunities within the University for on-campus student employment.  

Other Resources

In addition to federal loans, scholarships and employment, students should also consider personal savings, family funds, sponsorship by their company or government and other outside loans, grants and scholarships.

Several resources exist for international students seeking financial aid to study in the U.S. Some banks will authorize loans to international students, provided that the student has a credit worthy U.S. co-signer to guarantee the loan. Also, some lenders may offer collateral loans or loans secured by a credit worthy foreign citizen. Simon does not offer no-cosigner loan options.

Please refer to the resources below for more information:

UR Financial Aid for Graduate Students

FinAid! The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid

eduPass - The SmartStudent Guide to Studying in the USA

Fast Web

Disclaimer:  The University of Rochester does not maintain a preferred lender list. Thus, the University has no agreements or relationships with any lenders and does not receive any benefit, financial or otherwise, from the use of alternative loans by students.

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