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Club and Guest Speakers

The Simon Marketing Association

Along with numerous networking events, this club sponsors an annual Marketing Case Competition. Corporate sponsors have included Fisher-Price Inc., Heineken, and CertaPro. The recent IBM case competition was the very first on its Watson product, an artificial intelligence computer system that can answer open questions posed in human language.

The Simon Pricing Club

Pricing expertise is quickly becoming a key demand from corporate recruiters. This club is an arena to develop practical pricing skills beyond the classroom and develop solid foundations for careers in the field. The club connects members with the Professional Pricing Society and also works with the Center for Pricing.

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Guest Speakers to Simon Classes and Lectures*

  • Steven Brigham ’99S (MBA), Executive MBA Program, CIO and Vice President, Brookstone Inc.
  • Eduardo Crespo, CEO , Diverso Inc. and Hispanic Market Solutions
  • Robert Eckert, Mattel Corp.
  • Daniel Hecht ’92S (MBA), Procter & Gamble
  • Scott Thomas ’92S (MBA), Vice President, 360 Consumer Marketing, The Cartoon Network

* positions held at the time

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