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Program Details

Our Innovative Program is Designed to Complement Your Career Goals.

Simon’s economic and data-driven approach will help you discover how the power of information can take the guesswork out of marketing. Our expert faculty and rigorous curriculum will train you to understand, interpret, and communicate big data, so you’ll be prepared for a career in marketing, marketing research, pricing, business analytics and analysis, or sales management.

Our MS in Marketing Analytics program can be completed through an accelerated non-internship track or expanded to include the option to complete an internship. Students choosing to extend their program through the internship track will be eligible to seek an internship, but are not guaranteed placement.

In addition, this STEM-designated program qualifies eligible graduates on student visas for an optional practical training (OPT) extension, allowing them to remain in the country for an additional 24 months. The STEM designation is also an indication of the quality and rigor of the program, which are factors of significant importance to students and recruiters alike.

Discover the opportunities for academic and professional growth.

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Gateway to the Simon MBA

Graduates looking to broaden their knowledge and become cross-functional business experts may utilize their MS coursework as a gateway to the Simon MBA. You may be eligible to transfer credit for the majority of the courses completed during your MS studies if you decide to enroll in our prestigious Full-Time or Part-Time MBA program.

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