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FT MS 2.5 Projects Course

Project Courses

MS project courses put you to work on multifaceted business challenges for real clients. Your team will complete a thorough analysis of relevant facts and market circumstances before delivering final recommendations for the client to implement.

Marketing Project

This course serves as a practical capstone experience for the MS Marketing Analytics program. Partnering with corporate sponsors, student teams put their training to use in database projects that address practical marketing issues. Corporate guest speakers and practicing analysts guide students in their project work. Strong emphasis is placed on the context for applied analytics, the competitive market environment of the firm, customer attributes and sensitivities, marketing program recommendations, and business decision-making.

Applied Finance Project

Consulting course - photo of a student presenting to a group of people - 340 x 266 The Applied Finance Project course integrates and enhances classroom education with real-world experience – giving students opportunities to gain hands-on experience with the following business processes:

  • Project and process management
  • Task planning, testing, and use of class concepts and tools in a real-world work environment
  • Focus on results, not simply activity
  • Business and performance planning
  • Business management – inter/intra-group collaboration on goal-oriented work activities
  • Business assessment – develop, practice, and test business judgment
  • Organizational and functional assessments
  • Personnel assessments and time management
  • Measurements of value-added and effectiveness in consultative roles
  • Goal, task, and process negotiations
  • Expectation development and communication
  • Feedback development, planning, and coaching through change processes

Business Analytics Project Course

This course provides students with the opportunity to use the skills they have gained through MS coursework in statistics and analytics to the develop and execute a capstone project. The projects use real-world situations and data; they will serve as preparation for careers in industries such as marketing, consulting, and finance that require extensive knowledge and application of data science.

The success of the projects, which will be run in teams of 4-5 students, is the main objective of the course. Teams will have frequent meetings with the professor as well as another faculty member with expertise relevant to the project.

Additionally, lectures and guest speakers will provide insights on a variety of topics, including:

  • Problem framing and work planning
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Working with location data
  • Working under data and resource constraints
  • Complex and interactive visualization 
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