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Current Students

MS in Marketing Analytics Class of 2020

Chengning Deng MSMA 20

Chengning Deng

“Here at Simon, I attend information sessions for companies in different industries and panel discussions on topics such as consulting, pricing, finance, and product management. Through those interactive opportunities I learned the cultures at various companies and was exposed to the latest strategies and trends in the market to leverage the power of data analytics in business, helping me further identify where my passions lie and making me ever better.”

Yunjiao Liu MSMA 20

Yunjiao Liu

“I enjoy learning here. Not only because we have a high level of exposure to data analytics, but also because we are guided to generate very powerful and valuable insights for various business scenarios, which helps me understand the real world of business.”

Aishwaryaa Vasudevan MSMA 20

Aishwaryaa Vasudevan

“Simon is one of the few schools offering a program integrating marketing and analytics. The rigorous curriculum ensures that we learn essential analytical skills before entering the job market. Additionally, as an international student, the STEM designation is a great advantage.”



MS in Marketing Analytics, Class of 2019

Andrea Pinto

Andrea Pinto Payares

Associate Marketing Science Analyst
Analytic Partners

“My favorite thing about Simon is you can always find someone who is willing to help, whether its regarding classes, career advice, or even local places to visit.”

Michael Tandoh

Michael Tandoh

Transportation Infrastructure Modeling and Data Research Intern
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

“Simon’s Benet CMC has been both involved and supportive. The staff has provided a lot of programming to help students network and build their connections with alumni and other relevant industry players.”

Junjie Wang

Junjie (Max) Wang

Media Analyst - Key Account Insight Team

“My favorite part of Simon is its courses and world-class faculty. The courses are really rigorous and challenging but very useful, and the faculty is so professional and knowledgeable. There are many projects and team assignments during our study where we can work with the team and solve problems. Simon students are humble and collaborative; we, as a community, support each other very well.”


MS in Marketing Analytics, Class of 2018

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Xuerui Chen

Pricing Analyst

“Simon is renowned for pricing. I’m passionate about pricing, so I took the advanced pricing class and joined Simon Pricing Club. The Center for Pricing at Simon also provides a platform for interactions with pricing executives. All of these experiences helped me prepare for my future career. That is amazing.”

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Akshat Vyas

Business Intelligence Analyst

“I chose Simon for several reasons. First, they offered a specialized Marketing Analytics program, which isn't available at a lot of schools in the country currently. Second, the reputation of Simon online and among the people I talked to encouraged me. Finally, the program offered a good mix of marketing and technical subjects which helped me further enhance my marketing skills while adding new technical tools to my profile.”

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Di (Echo) Wang

Pricing Analyst

”The Marketing Analytics program has a very rigorous course structure and great professors. Also, since MSMA is a STEM-certified program, I will have the opportunity to practice the skills that I learned at Simon in the workplace at a US company.”

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Teodora Zivkovic

Associate Data Strategist
WE Codeword

“I came to Simon because of its strong emphasis on analytical and quantitative skills necessary for making data-driven business decisions. As part of experiential learning, I worked with firms solving real-world analytical challenges, which gave me unparalleled competitive experience.”


MS in Marketing Analytics, Class of 2017

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Chensi (Cecily) Sun

Analyst, Consumer Analytics
Wyndham Destinations

“At Wyndham in our department we have a really strong Simon alumni community. Some of the managers and other senior analysts are Simon alumni, so although I joined the company in July, I already feel like home.”

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Ke (Coco) Zhang

Analyst, Advanced Analytics

"My favorite club was the Simon Marketing Association. I participated in the Microsoft Case Competition and competed against MBA students -- we learned a lot from them. We also had the ability to reach out to staff and recruiters at Microsoft, so that was a great opportunity for me."

Wen Chine - 158 x 190

Wen Chine

Pricing Analyst, Aftermarket
Dana Incorporated

"Simon provided me with a platform to meet talented people, develop my career in the pricing area, and broaden my professional network. Besides, I enjoyed skiing, golfing and attending countless concerts with friends in Rochester."

sadiq_muhammad_harris_ftms marketing analytics_17_158x190

Muhammad Harris Sadiq

Argus Information and Advisory Services

“The MS in Marketing Analytics program is so enriched with marketing and quantitative skills that we are able to compete with graduates from the top business schools. I am proud to be a part of Simon community which is so vibrant and diverse and has helped me connect with individuals from all walks of life. Simon has given me a chance to excel in areas I could never imagine, and has made me a better prospect for the recruiters.”

2016-11-30-Darya_Yanitskaya-016_158x190_120dpi copy.jpg

Darya Yanitskaya-Benison

Lead Data Strategist
WE Codeword

"I originally come from a more creative, operational side of marketing. So for me it was very important to keep that aspect but at the same time to learn the technical details of marketing and be able to complete my profile with a more analytical edge and make it more well-rounded. That's why the Marketing Analytics program was the perfect fit for me."


MS in Marketing Analytics, Class of 2016

Deepa Dilip - 158 x 190

Deepa Dilip

Marketing Intelligence Lead
WeWork India

"Simon practices what it preaches by closely following what works and what does not in the business world. The School’s student services and diverse student body enrich the whole experience."

Vaz_Benita_MS Marketing Analytics 2016

Benita Vaz

Associate Manager - Credit Lending and Risk
Argus Information and Advisory Sevices

“The intensive MS in Marketing Analytics program at Simon prepares you to confidently take on real-world business challenges. It offers you the right resources, guidance, and opportunities to develop your personality and demonstrate your leadership skills, paving the path to a successful career.”


MS in Marketing Analytics, Class of 2015

Alec Kissinger - 158 x 190

Alec Kissinger

Manager, CRM Strategy

"I was looking to enhance my quantitative skills for a career in marketing and communications. The intensive curriculum gave me the opportunity to understand business fundamentals, as well as build the competitive analytical skills I needed to be successful."



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