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Shirley Zheng

Program at Simon: MS in Accountancy
Hometown: NYC, NY
Undergraduate school and major: University of Rochester, Business (Accounting)
Post-MS plans: Take the CPA, public accounting with tax focus  
Favorite thing about Rochester: Everything is so close compared to NYC! There is also a decent amount of choices whenever I want to eat a specific cuisine.
Favorite thing about Simon: Mentality of Simon is much different; everyone wants you to succeed, but you have to make it your goal to do well
Why Simon: Focus in analytics and strong faculty support
Simon clubs: Simon Consulting Club, UNCorked


Luke Bamburoski

Program at Simon: MS in Business Analytics
Hometown: Rochester, NY
Undergraduate school and major: State University of New York at Geneseo, Neuroscience
Pre-MS career: Healthcare market research background
Post-MS plans: Pursue a position in healthcare analytics
Favorite thing about Rochester: The cultural richness and diversity of the area
Favorite thing about Simon: My favorite thing about Simon is our collaborative culture
Why Simon: I chose Simon because it is a renowned business school that I knew would give a top quality education. I felt very welcomed when speaking with students when I visited campus, and I knew it was a place where I could thrive!
Simon clubs: Simon VISION Consulting, Simon Volunteers


Jiangcheng (Andy) Lin

Program at Simon: MS in Business Analytics
Hometown: China
Undergraduate school and major: Baruch College CUNY, Finance
Post-MS plans: Data analyst specializing in the music entertainment industry
Favorite thing about Rochester: Harmony, serenity
Favorite thing about Simon: Preciseness, cooperation rather than competition, preparation
Why Simon: This is the place with high quality teaching in programming skills and an excellent study environment
Simon clubs: Simon Data Analytics, Simon Consulting Club



Minzhuang (Min) He

Program at Simon: MS in Finance
Hometown: Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, China
Undergraduate school and major: University of Colorado at Boulder, Environmental Design; University of Minnesota at Twin Cities, Architecture
Pre-MS career: I graduated from the University of Minnesota at Twin Cities in August 2018 and then worked in community service, construction management, and real estate
Post-MS plans: Opportunities in real estate investment trusts or real estate development companies, which are fields where I can use skills from both architecture and finance
Favorite thing about Rochester: It is convenient to have everything within a 10-minute walk. Rochester is not a large city, but there are so many opportunities for you to explore this lovely city.
Favorite thing about Simon: I appreciate the team system we have. We group in five or six based on our overall backgrounds, so we get along pretty well and support each other. Also, I like how the whole community is tightly connected.
Why Simon: As I don't have any background in finance, I prefer to gain education in a strong business school and an experienced finance program.
Simon clubs: Real Estate Association 


Tuan Ngo

Program at Simon: MS in Finance
Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
Undergraduate school and major: Juniata College, Accounting and Financial Management
Pre-MS career: Sales and trading intern at Allied Millennial Partner, credit analyst intern at Kish Bank
Post-MS plans: Investment banking analyst
Favorite thing about Rochester: There are so many things to do here: festivals, wonderful museums, nice hiking trails and waterfalls ... the list goes on!
Favorite thing about Simon: I am impressed by how much the school cares about students’ career outcomes. There are so many networking opportunities for professional development, and the workshops with Wall Street Prep and Training The Street are awesome! Furthermore, I can also enrich my personal development through exposure to Simon’s multicultural learning community, where I can exchange my cultural and social values.
Why Simon: I chose Simon for two reasons: professional growth and relationship development. Simon has a strong brand name with the great reputation for outstanding academics, sophisticated laboratories, and a strong alumni network around the world. The education system in Simon makes faculty and staff so accessible. Also, I wanted to be challenged on a daily basis. Simon has a world-class faculty and a competitive nature among students, so I knew that being in this environment can push me to become a better version of myself.
Simon clubs: Simon Finance & Investment Club, Simon VISION Consulting


Hector Misael Abreu

Program at Simon: MS in Marketing Analytics
Hometown: Harlem – NYC, NY
Undergraduate school and major: University of Rochester, Business (Marketing Concentration)
Post-MS plans: Analytics role within the tech industry
Favorite thing about Rochester: How beautiful the city is during the fall season
Favorite thing about Simon: Faculty, staff, and alumni are all personable and easy to connect with. Due to how small Simon is in comparison to other B-schools, I feel that it creates an environment where we can truly connect with other members and as a result, explore our interests with greater detail.
Why Simon: I attended the University of Rochester for my undergraduate degree, and I enjoyed the emphasis on experiential learning. After realizing that Simon has experiential learning as one of its core learning mechanisms, I knew that it was the right choice for me. Having the ability to learn wonderful concepts in class and directly apply them to cases/client projects provides experience that would only be attainable in a professional work setting.
Simon clubs: Simon Marketing Association


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