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Finance professor Ron Kaniel teaching a small class - 730 x 400


Finance at Simon Business School deals with problems of corporate financial policy, individual consumption-investment choices, and capital market equilibrium in an uncertain environment. The principles of price theory, mathematics, and statistics provide the basis for analyzing these problems. The methodological approach taken at Simon Business School places strong emphasis on formal modeling of problems and empirical testing of alternative theories.

First Year Outline

The first year is designed to give students solid training in microeconomics and econometrics and to introduce them to the basic issues in finance. The Finance Seminars introduce students to the current research topics. Students will be required to take courses offered by Simon Business School as well as an Economics Sequence offered through the University of Rochester's Economics Department. Students are required to take a Preliminary Exam at the end of the Spring term. Students are also required to prepare a first year research paper that they will present in the fall of the second year.

Second Year Outline

The second year is designed to deepen students' knowledge of finance. Students are expected to take PhD-level courses in Finance. In addition, participation in Finance and Applied Economics seminars is required. This training prepares the student for the Qualifying Exam. The Qualifying Exam, due in the fall of the third year, tests students' abilities to integrate class material and reading requirements by requiring the students to present an original research paper.

Third Year and Beyond

In the third year, students move from course work to active research. Continued participation in all Finance and Applied Economics Seminars is required throughout the program.

Advancement to Candidacy

This is achieved after completing 90 credit hours and passing the Preliminary and Qualifying Exams. These credit hours include research credits for GBA 595.

Thesis Proposal and Defense

Students are expected to submit their research paper, with a faculty advisor and committee approval, for a Thesis Proposal. Students are expected to defend their thesis by the end of their fifth year.



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