Simon Business School

Rush Rhees


Program of Study

The PhD Program at the Simon Business School is designed to equip students with the necessary analytical skills to carry out high-quality teaching and research in various fields of management. The Simon School confers a PhD in Business Administration. Our major fields of study include: Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, Marketing, and Operations Management.

Students build a firm foundation in economics, statistics, and their specific fields of study. Deeper specialization in coursework occurs in the second year when the students concentrate on their major field of study (see specific fields for more details).  


Summer Math Camp

PhD Students come to the Simon School with widely varying academic backgrounds. To ensure all students start from a common base of mathematics and statistics, which are important to succeed in the foundational courses, we offer four courses over the summer to prepare the students. These courses take place before regular first-year classes begin and are referred to as Summer Math Camp.  The courses offered in Summer Math Camp are:  Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, Optimization and Probability Theory.  Summer Math Camp courses begin in mid-June and end before the start of the fall term.  


Field Specific Training (see specific fields for details)



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