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Marketing at the Simon Business School studies activities that influence the demand and supply of products and services in the market. The Rochester Marketing PhD focuses exclusively on producing outstanding quantitative marketing scholars. Our students successfully learn a deep set of skills including economics, econometrics, statistics, machine learning, and causal inference. These skills allow our students to answer substantive questions in marketing by applying or developing new empirical approaches. Our faculty engage with PhD students in a close mentoring relationship that allows students to develop both the technical and independent research skills needed for a successful academic career. Recent research by our faculty and PhD students studies broad areas including digital, online, retail competition, pricing, platform competition, word-of-mouth, and advertising. Our research covers the range of marketing decisions included pricing, advertising, product innovation, retailing, competition, and customer segmentation.

First Year Outline

Each PhD Marketing student's schedule of courses is customized to address his or her background and interests. Classes occur both in the Simon Business School and in the University of Rochester Economics Department. First year students are required to pass Preliminary Requirements by demonstrating proficiency in specific courses. A research oriented first-year paper is due by October 15 of the second year.

Second Year Outline

In the second year, student participation in Marketing seminars is required as well as continuation in courses. This training rounds out the toolkit and continues to deepen exposure to the literature and is chosen in consultation with faculty to ensure the courses provide the appropriate training. The Qualifying Exam consists of passing an examination of the second-year  research paper. This paper is due by September 15 of the third year and should be an original contribution to the marketing literature. The paper will be presented in a Marketing Workshop the fall of the students third year.

Third Year and Beyond

In the third year, students move from course work to active research. In addition, continued participation in all Marketing seminars is required.

Advancement to Candidacy

This is achieved after completing 90 credit hours, and passing the Preliminary Requirement and Qualifying Exam. These credit hours include research credits for GBA595.

Thesis Proposal and Defense

Students are expected to submit their research paper, with a faculty advisor and committee approval, for a Thesis Proposal. Students are expected to defend their thesis by the end of their fifth year.



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