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Financial Support

We are committed to supporting our students fully for five years of doctoral study.

The PhD Program is designed to be a rigorous full-time program. We provide generous financial support and encourage students not to work outside of the University. We do not require any financial aid forms to qualify for financial support. All students receive these benefits, contingent on the student remaining in good academic standing.

Tuition Scholarship

All Simon PhD students receive a full-tuition scholarship for all courses approved for your curriculum.


Simon Business School offers an annual fellowship to all admitted students. The current fellowship is $33,000 annually for five years.

Teaching and Research Assistantships

In years two through five, students are required to complete three teaching assistantships per academic year. These teaching assistantships are part of students' academic training as teachers and are included in their fellowship payment. Additional teaching assistantship and research assistantship work is available if students are interested.

Health Insurance

University-sponsored health insurance coverage is provided to all Simon PhD students at no cost to the student for five years. Students can choose to add dependents to their health insurance coverage at their own expense.

Research Support

Each student will receive a research budget that can be used for academic needs such as publications, conference travel, software and data purchases, etc. Students receive additional funding annually.

Additional Funding Sources

The University of Rochester offers several additional graduate student fellowships for which Simon applicants may qualify. Students who apply for admission to the graduate program are considered automatically for nomination to the Provost and Sproull University Fellowships. There is no additional application required.

Students who choose to stay enrolled in the PhD Program beyond five years of study can receive support through grants with faculty, teaching courses, or providing research support.

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