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Additional Application Information

Prospective students should demonstrate a set of clearly defined career objectives. Applicants are invited to submit additional materials (ex: authored journal articles, masters theses, unpublished manuscripts).

Students are accepted from many different disciplines. However, those with an undergraduate degree in fields such as economics, engineering, mathematics, the physical sciences, and business may demonstrate a good preparation for doctoral work at the Simon School. Regardless of the major areas of study, a strong academic record is essential. Many applicants have completed study at a graduate level, but such work is not a prerequisite for admission into the program.

The Simon PhD Program does not have minimum requirements for test scores or GPA. Admitted students typically have GMAT scores around 700 or higher and GRE scores around 317 or higher. The average GMAT for admitted students is 718 and the average GRE score for admitted students is 327.


To improve review efficiency…

  • Schedule your tests (GMAT, GRE, TOEFL) several months ahead of the application deadlines.
  • Keep copies of all forms submitted for your records.
  • Submit application well before the January 5 deadline.
  • Check your application status on-line and your e-mail regularly.

For competitive advantage:

  • Review your transcripts. If you have not already taken classes in your chosen area, arrange to take them. This is also advisable if you have been out of school for a number of years.
  • Consider taking additional English courses if English is not your first language. Your ability to communicate is heavily factored into the decision for your admittance.
  • Simon Business School will review any and all recommendation letters submitted. It is advisable that you not submit more than you know will provide a good assessment of your abilities.
  • Make sure any additional material you submit is a reflection on your fit for the program.



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