Simon Business School

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Benefits to You and Your Company

A Simon Business School education adds value to your professional expertise. Understanding the business of health care means smarter decisions to help you get the most out of your resources without sacrificing the level of care or service you provide your clients.

The Benefit to Companies

A more competitive marketplace means health care, medical, and research professionals can no longer rely on intuition to guide their business decisions. Simon’s studied, practical approach to business education provides the skills managers need to recognize opportunities, secure funding, and market their products and research.

Science is a Business

It is increasingly important for health care professionals to have business knowledge, financial savvy, and leadership ability. A Simon education provides a broader perspective for medical and health care industry leaders, allowing them to more clearly recognize the opportunities and threats facing their organizations. From securing critical funding to developing best practices and managing staff, the Medical Management program will help you look at the business of research, medicine, and health care in a whole new way.

Business is a Science

Simon’s acclaimed focus on big data analysis and economics-driven decision making reflect the fundamentals of the most trusted scientific method. Our quantitative approach to business management leverages the power of measurable information to shape your most important and complex decisions. From financial reports to market research and product delivery options, your degree from Simon will help you look at business in a whole new way—as part of a system that utilizes data to minimize failure and recognize success.

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