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The Changing World of Health Care

The Accountable Care Organization is a more involved health care model where providers must think as insurers, providing high quality care within the limits of a controlled budget.

Controlling costs, improving quality, and increasing accessibility have been goals of health care reform for years. Emanating from the Accountable Care Act is the emerging concept of an Accountable Care Organization (ACO). ACO’s place considerable financial risks on providers, including hospitals and physicians, while rewriting the relationships between insurers, government, providers, and individuals.

Providing care within a fixed dollar amount per population will necessitate discovering new efficiencies, better use of technology, understanding health care finance, negotiating skills, and new incentive methods.

Above all else, creative leadership and managing change are key. There will be an even greater need for talented professionals who understand both the clinical and business aspects of health care.

Medical Management students will find themselves a step ahead, as they acquire the skills needed to understand and succeed in the world of health care reform. From learning new technology for coordinating and streamlining medical records, to developing financial and management skills that help assimilate savings and deliver quality care, graduates of the program are well-prepared for this rapidly changing market.


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