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Allison Trawinski

Allison Trawinski

Medical Management, Class of 2013

Specialty Pharmacy Program Manager & PGY-1 Community Pharmacy Residency Coordinator, Department of Pharmacy, University of Rochester Medical Center
University of Rochester Medical Center

“I wanted to go back to school and was interested in business. I had been promoted to become manager of a pharmacy program at the University of Rochester Medical Center, so I figured getting an MS in Business Administration with a concentration in Medical Management would help me do my job even better.”

After earning her Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Allison Trawinski completed her pharmacy residency at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC), and became a pharmacist in the URMC Strong Ties Pharmacy. In 2011, she was promoted to her current position overseeing a pharmacy program for employees to receive specialty medication.

Allison decided it would be wise to get an advanced degree to help her in her new role as a manager.

“I was looking for useful tools for my current job,” Allison says. “The program helped me improve work flow efficiency, fixing any problems now rather than later. A lot of the projects we do involve teamwork, so learning to work better with people and how to develop new programs using different approaches were the key takeaways.”

The specialty pharmacy program that Allison manages deals with high cost, high- risk medications and patients who need to be monitored more closely than others. “Because the medical management program attracts many employees from Strong, you make a lot of networking connections that you probably wouldn’t have otherwise. I can say now that I know people in other departments to network with and share ideas.”

As for her career goals, Allison says she’s happy where she is right now.

“We’re working on a project to expand the pharmacy practice. I think going through the program has just made my job better and more enjoyable.”

Allison Trawinski Trawinski

“Having been promoted to manager of a pharmacy program at the University of Rochester Medical Center, I knew getting a master’s degree in medical management would help me do my job even better.”

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