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Daniel Parr

Medical Management, Class of 2010

Program Administrator, Strong Health Geriatrics
Highland Hospital

Daniel Parr had his sights set on law school and the AmeriCorps until a chance meeting—and an ICU room epiphany—helped him find his calling in health care. “I came home to Rochester during my senior year at West Virginia University,” he says. “One night while I was out with my friends, I met a girl named Allison and we hit it off. After that, my plans suddenly changed.”

Eventually, Dan and Allison would get married and set roots in Rochester. When Dan’s cousin, a nurse manager in a burn trauma unit, suggested a job at the University of Rochester Medical Center, Dan seized the opportunity. “It was a trial position,” he says. “My first job in a health care was helping nurses place and remove pillows under ICU patients.”

A powerful moment came for Dan while working with the nurses. “We were moving the patient to adjust the pillow,” he says, “and all of a sudden, she coded. The medical team rushed in to save her life and I got out of the way. That was all I could do—get out of the way. That was the most value I could bring. That’s it. It was the most empty feeling I’ve ever had.” Dan says he went home that night and told Allison he needed to work in health care.

As Dan worked his way through various administrative positions at the Medical Center, he began to see another side of the industry. “I didn’t realize there was this whole business aspect that goes on in the background,” he says. “I knew then that if I wanted to advance my career, I needed to go to Simon.” Dan says he’s thankful for what his Simon education provides. “The skillset you learn in the Medical Management program shows you how to generate creative solutions to problems that drive results,” he notes.

In his current role, Dan says he primarily deals with “people, processes, and money”—three areas where his business education helps him every day. “Staffing models, operations issues, and measuring utilization to get rid of waste are all things I learned at Simon,” he says. “I’m thankful the Medical Management program exists and for everything it’s done for my career. It’s been amazing.”

Daniel Parr Parr

“If you want to move your career forward, you are probably going to need a master’s degree—and out of all the master’s that are out there, nothing rings louder than a Simon Business School degree.”

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