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Erin Shope

Medical Management, Class of 2014

Pediatric Dentist, Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry
University of Rochester Medical Center

A graduate of Colgate University, Erin Shope earned her doctor of dental medicine degree (DMD) from the University of Pittsburgh before joining the University of Rochester Medical Center. Once she began her practice, Erin realized something important was missing. “In dental school and residency, we get minimal background in business and the management of people,” she says. “I felt really inadequate on that side of dentistry. Once I was in practice for awhile, I understood that the business aspect is a huge part of the care we provide and the decisions we make for our patients.”

Looking to enhance her skillset, Erin enrolled in Simon Business School’s Medical Management program. “My main goal was not to become a manager or to change my position at the University,” she says, “but to learn the language of business so that I could help create change and be a more active participant on my team.”

According to Erin, learning to be an effective member of a team is central to the Simon experience. “My previous education was very individualized and didn’t involve many group or team projects,” she says. “It was the opposite in the Medical Management program. In our final project, I was the team leader. That was my first time in that type of position and I really learned a lot about leadership and how to manage people while keeping them on track with timelines. Accomplishing a common goal with a group of people—when not everyone works the same way—was challenging but highly rewarding.”

Erin says she’s even applied the data analysis skills she learned at Simon to the operating room. “I had one resident approach me wondering why he was slower than everyone else at a particular procedure,” she says. “So I used the skills I learned from my operations class and timed his every step along the way. Because of that, I was able to help him become more efficient in his clinical care—and that’s critical because when you’re working with children, time is of the essence.” Erin says she is looking forward to discovering many more efficiencies and to the many other ways her Simon education will help her provide and teach dental care.

Erin Shope Shope

“The Medical Management program helps you build leadership and management skills and develop a useful business vocabulary. More importantly, that learning happens in a supportive environment and offers tools you can apply in your day-to-day job.”

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