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Fred Borrelli

'94S (MBA), Medical Management, Class of 2007

Chief Operating Officer
Yale Medical Group

While working as a senior administrator at the University of Rochester Medical Center, and nearly twelve years after earning his MBA from Simon Business School, Fred Borrelli looked carefully at the changing world of health care and decided to further specialize his business education. “The MS degree focused on health care,” he says, “which is very important because this industry is not like any other private business.”

Now the chief operating officer for Yale Medical Group, an operation with nearly 1,600 providers located in 27 different locations across Connecticut, Borrelli recognizes a growing need for medical professionals who also have expert business training. “As physicians continue to work in the marketplace,” he says, “they’re going to be asked to join much larger enterprises—whether directly managing groups or making decisions based on data—and they’re going to need a business background to be successful.”

According to Borrelli, industry expectations around efficiency and strong decision-making are part of the new world of health care. “More and more the demands being placed on physicians are not only to be a good clinician,” he says, “but also a very good businessperson.” To do that, he says, administrators and managing clinicians need to know how to use the information available to them. “Without business training,” he notes, “people start making decisions based on assumptions, and we end up with initiatives that are derailed because they’re not based on facts or data.” That, he says, is when you see an inefficient allocation of resources at an institutional level and an increased need for sound business principles.

Borrelli credits his Simon degree with his understanding of those principles. “The Simon education gave me the ability to apply basic business practices in a unique marketplace,” he says. “With that, I also understand the full economic climate of my business and can more effectively build solid relationships with seemingly disparate stakeholders.”

Perhaps just as important, Borrelli says a Simon education offers him certain legitimacy in making high-level business decisions. “My education and experience allowed me to establish instant credibility at Yale Medical Group,” he notes. “The Simon program gave me a holistic view of the world, and health care in particular. I think that had a lot to do with where I am today.”

Fred Borrelli Borrelli

“Although I had my MBA and quite a bit of health care experience, I knew the Simon MS program would offer an in-depth business perspective and new insights to the industry’s unique economic environment.”

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