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Paul van der Sloot

Paul van der Sloot

'87E, '12S (MS), Medical Management Concentration

Associate Professor, Department of Otolaryngology (SMD)
University of Rochester Medical Center

It seems almost logical that a child growing up in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada would dream of being a physician, but that wasn’t necessarily the case for Paul Gerard van der Sloot. Before going into medicine, he first studied violin at the University of Rochester’s Eastman School of Music and made his living as a professional musician. “It is sort of funny in retrospect,” he says. “I was very busy as a musician. I was concerned I was not going to be able to spend time with my kids once they were in school. I always had the idea I might go back to school toward an MD degree and decided that was the time to do it.”

Paul enrolled in the MD program at the University of Alberta, where he also completed his Otolaryngology residency. Eventually, what began as a time management decision soon became Paul’s life calling. Teaching and clinical positions in Tennessee and West Virginia led Paul to positions at the University of Rochester Medical Center and Strong Memorial Hospital, where he soon found himself wanting to know more about the business of medicine.

“I recognized what I didn’t know about the business side of medicine did not allow me to improve or even suggest improvements in my practice,” he says. “Simon offered the Medical Management program. It provided me with knowledge of operations, accounting, and economics as they pertain to medicine. That knowledge will allow me to improve my own practice, and eventually improve institutional practices as well.”

Paul also recognizes the value those business skills bring to his career. “I would like to take on more administrative responsibilities within the hospital and medical school, and the university as a whole,” he says. “I’m interested in helping to provide medicine of the best quality in as efficient a manner as possible and in providing the best education possible to our promising younger generation during increasingly difficult economic times.”

Paul says the Medical Management program also widened his perspective on health care. “I think I gained a greater appreciation for the many people and occupations that are involved in the practice of medicine,” he says. “The economic situation continues to impact all of us. We are quickly approaching an era in medicine where every detail of our practice will be scrutinized with a view to reduce costs. If those of us in the medical community develop the skills and resources required to control costs, we will also be allowed to continue to set the standards of medical practice. If we don’t, those standards may be set by legislators or others who are not dedicated to the practice of medicine.” 

Paul van der Sloot van der Sloot

“The Simon program in medical management provided me with knowledge of operations, accounting, and economics as they pertain to medicine. That knowledge will allow me to improve my own practice.”

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