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Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones

'09S (MS) Medical Management Concentration, '12S (MBA)

Clinical Analyst, Department of Radiation Oncology
University of Rochester Medical Center

“It’s been a goal of mine to go to business school. I’ve always seen myself as an inventor, scientist, and entrepreneur. To me, you dramatically improve your chances of success by paying your dues in business school.”

Ryan Jones started his career at the University of Rochester Medical Center as a media officer and press coordinator, but all along, he knew he wanted to pursue another path. His ultimate goal is to become a health care leader and he is determined to get there. “I want to be a CEO one day, so with that goal in mind, from the PR office, I was able to get a financial position in the director’s office working in value analysis, where I got my clinical trials experience testing medical devices and equipment.” While there, Ryan heard about Simon’s Medical Management program, and he decided to explore the possibility.

With a background in management and engineering, Ryan knew he needed finance and accounting skills. “I wanted to be comfortable meeting with senior administrators and the finance team and to be able to understand the important measurables that they use to tell whether the hospital is being productive and meeting our quality goals.”  Ryan found the program coursework extremely helpful in his work at the hospital, and the faculty accessible and caring. “The professors were always available, and they gave me the feeling that that’s the mantra at the Simon School. They even offered to help if they weren’t my professors, so I felt nurtured coming into the program.”

From the finance office, Ryan transitioned into his current role as a Clinical Trials Analyst in the Wilmot Cancer Center Radiation Oncology unit where he splits his time as a financial analyst, database administrator, lab technician, and office manager. He oversees a national clinical trials database housed at the hospital where he monitors the quality of the data and proves its veracity. “Because we’re dealing with radiation oncology and chemotherapy, most of our studies involve some kind of diary where we’re monitoring patients’ sleep and exercise patterns, fatigue, nausea, or pain. We have a team that enters the data, and then I work with our biostatistician to conduct statistical analyses.”

After completing the program in 2009, Ryan took a year off and decided to return to earn a part-time MBA. “With my desire to know everything there is to know about business, I wanted to take advanced courses in other areas that weren’t part of the medical management program curriculum.” Ryan says he is thankful he pursued the program. “I had such a great experience. Anyone who wants to be a leader in health care should think about it. I went into it looking for a toolbox to solve everyday problems in the medical field and that’s exactly what I got.”  

Ryan Jones Jones

“I went into the program looking for a toolbox to solve everyday problems in the medical field and that’s exactly what I got. The professors were always available and they gave me the feeling that’s the mantra at Simon."

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