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Math Review Course (MSM 400)

Course Description

This is a non-credit master’s level math class that provides a review of statistics, algebra, and calculus concepts that are considered prerequisit to the program. Topics include sets, differentiation, maxima-minima, partial derivatives, and simple integration. This is especially suited for students with little mathematics background, students who wish to bolster their confidence in their math skills, or students who have not had college-level algebra and calculus in the recent past. Many of these concepts will be used in the core courses.

Course Details

Math Review is offered prior to the start of the academic year and will consist of four or five sessions held in the evening. Please refer to the Bursar for the cost of this course. Because there are no grades or credits assigned for this course, it is not covered by the University of Rochester's tuition benefits. The instructor will supply all necessary material for the course.

Class Schedule for Fall Start:

2019 MSM 400 dates will be posted in Spring 2019. Class is typicall scheduled during five evenings in August, from 5:30-9:00 p.m. each evening.

How to Register for MSM 400

Forms Download Page - CenteredTo register for Math Review, please print the registration form, then either fax or mail to the address on the bottom of the form. Questions on this class or details related to it may be directed to Molly Mesko, executive director of executive & professional programs at or (585) 275-3439. The course fees for the math review classes are not included in the program tuition fees and will not be covered by merit-based scholarship funding or University of Rochester tuition benefits.

Math for Management (MSM 491)

Course Description

This is a master’s level math class that is more intensive than MSM 400. Analysis and concepts in modern business analysis rely heavily on quantitative methods. The objective of this course is to bring incoming MBA or MS students "up to speed" with respect to the mathematical and statistical knowledge expected of them. The complexity of the course is on par with (college) freshman year calculus, algebra, and introduction to probability and statistics. Necessary theories and intuition behind them will be covered. The focus of the course is primarily on applications in business, economics, and related areas.

Course Details

Math for Management is offered in the summer only. While it is not included in the credits required for the MBA or MS degree, it will be a graded class to give students an assessment of their mathematical skills. The GPA will appear on the official transcript, but will not be included in the cumulative GPA for the MBA or MS program. MSM 491 is a two credit class, with tuition charged at the current per credit hour rate.

How to Register for MSM 491

Forms Download Page - CenteredIf you have further questions concerning registration for the MSM 491 class, please contact the Registrar's office at (585) 275-3533 or The course fees for MSM 491 are not included in the program tuition fees.

Deadline to Register for MSM 491

Summer Quarter: June 4

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