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Electronic Commerce

Perhaps no industry changes as quickly as e-commerce. With this concentration you will learn to manage in a rapidly evolving environment where understanding new business models and emerging technologies reigns supreme. You will learn state-of-the-art tools for supporting online marketing, logistics, and service-delivery functions through an exciting mix of case studies, class work, and guest lecturers. This concentration prepares you to create, manage, direct, and analyze e-commerce initiatives for optimal benefit to your organization.

Required core courses, plus five other courses:

ECM 437 Marketing on the Internet (MKT 437)
ECM 440 Electronic Commerce Strategy (CIS 440)

Plus at least one from the Marketing electives:
MKT 412 Marketing Research
MKT 433 Advertising and Sales Promotion
MKT 435 Distribution Channels and Salesforce Management
ECM 436 Database Marketing (MKT 436)

Plus at least one from the Information Technology electives:
ECM 415 Business Process Analysis and Design (CIS 415)
ECM 416 Advanced Information Technology (CIS 416)
CIS 446 Financial Information Systems (FIN 446)

One elective can be from the following:
OMG 411 Supply Chain Management
GBA 423 New Venture Management and Entrepreneurship (ENT 423)


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