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Business startups have steadily grown in prominence over the years, leading many to believe entrepreneurship is the new fuel for the nation’s economy. We recognize the need for innovative business education, so this concentration provides you with the skills you’ll need in most startup and small business situations. Writing a business plan, financing a new venture, deciding whether to incorporate, and protecting intellectual property are just some of the core considerations of this successful and innovative course of study.*

Required core courses, plus five other courses:

ENT 444 Entrepreneurial Finance (FIN 444)
Plus one of:  
ENT 423 New Venture Development and Managing for Long Term Success (GBA 423)
ENT 425 Technical Entrepreneurship



Plus three courses selected from this list:
ACC 411 Financial Statement Analysis
ENT 422 Generating and Screening Enrepreneurial Ideas
ENT 432 Basic Business Law
ENT 435 Negotiation Theory and Practice: Bargaining for Value (GBA 435)
ENT 442A Special Topics in Entrepreneurship: Social Impact of Entrepreneurship
FIN 433 Cases in Finance
FIN 441A Special Topics in Finance—Real Estate
MKT 412 Marketing Research
MKT 414 Pricing Policies (STR 423)
MKT 432 New Product Strategy
OMG 461 Strategy and Business Systems Consulting Practicum (CIS/STR 461)
STR 421 Competitive Strategy


* Subject to change. For most up-to-date concentration requirements, please refer to the Course Catalog.


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