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Health Sciences Management

Simon’s approach to health sciences management sets us apart from the rest. While many other programs focus solely on public policy issues, ours will help you address real-world operations and strategic planning for your role in the health care industry. Relying on our trusted strength in economics-driven analysis, this concentration is ideal for future consultants and front-line managers in health maintenance organizations, hospitals, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical firms.*

Required core courses, plus five courses:

At least two of:
HSM 420 Business Economics of the Health Care Industry
HSM 430 Health Sciences Management and Strategy (STR 430)
HSM 431 Applications of Corporate Finance and Governance to Health Care
HSM 437 Managing Health Care Operations (OMG 437)
HSM 440 Evolving Medical Markets (BPP 440)


The remaining courses can be taken from the following list:
ACC 411 Financial Statement Analysis
CIS 415 Business Process Analysis and Design (ECM 415)
HSM 425 Managerial Accounting for Health Care Organizations
OMG 412 Service Management
STR 421 Competitive Strategy
STR 424 Human Resource Strategy


* Subject to change. For most up-to-date concentration requirements, please refer to the Course Catalog.

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