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Operations Management - Services

This growing field has become increasingly popular due to a renewed interest in productivity, particularly when it comes to utilizing an organization’s operations for competitive advantage. The Service Management Track is specially designed for professionals entering service-oriented industries such as finance, consulting, and retailing. Students pursuing a career in Operations Management often benefit from taking courses in human resources management and organizational behavior.

Required core courses, plus:

OMG 413 International Manufacturing and Service Strategy
OMG 415 Process Improvement

Plus one of these courses:

OMG 412 Service Management
OMG 437 Managing Health Care Operations (HSM 437)

Plus one course selected from this list:

CIS 415 Business Process Analysis and Design (ECM 415)
FIN 446 Financial Information Systems (CIS 446)
OMG 412 Service Management
OMG 416 Project Management


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