Simon Business School

Fact Case Competition

FACt Approach

Simon’s approach to management education incorporates our renowned Frame, Analyze, and Communicate (FACt©) model. FACt includes a healthy balance between theory and practice and allows you to tackle real-world business problems by identifying the main issues, analyzing the information, and generating practical solutions. You will soon understand why this unique approach sets Simon apart from other business programs.

Economics-Based Approach and Cross-Functional Curriculum

At Simon, we employ an analytical, economics-based approach to teaching and research. Our curriculum will provide you with a powerful and enduring framework that explains and predicts the interrelationships of markets, organizations, and individual decision-makers. Together with our FACt approach, we equip you with vital skills to help solve unstructured problems and become an expert problem solver for your organization.

You will also work and learn with globally recognized pioneers in research and effective teaching methods—architects of finance, accounting, management, and marketing concepts that form the very foundation of today’s business culture.

Inside and outside the classroom, you will experience a dynamic working partnership with Simon faculty that encourages the sharing of ideas and constantly challenges you to think critically and creatively. You will learn and grow in an environment that truly mirrors the spirit of teamwork and cooperation at the core of every business venture.

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