Simon Business School



The Simon Professional MBA program allows for a flexible path to an MBA degree. With a program designed to work around your personal and professional demands, you can choose your path to completion.

Success requires more than in-depth business knowledge to excel. Leadership, strategy development, and real-world challenges are seamlessly embedded into the Simon MBA curriculum.


  • International Immersions for global experience, scheduling flexibility, and possible faster degree completion
  • Concierge-style support
  • Career resources
  • Advising and advanced planning for:
    • Specializations and minors
    • Scheduling and degree completion
    • Financial aid eligibility


  • Capital Budgeting and Corporate Objectives (FIN 402)
  • Corporate Financial Accounting (ACC 401)
  • Business Modeling (GBA 411)
  • Data Analytics (GBA 412)
  • Information Systems for Management (CIS 401)
  • Managerial Economics (STR 401)
  • Marketing Management (MKT 402)
  • Operations Management (OMG 402)

Choose one:

  • Competitive Strategy (STR 421)
  • Organization & Strategy (STR 403)

For full list of courses and electives offered please click here.

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