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Non-Matriculated Start

Students have the option of beginning their studies before formally applying to the Professional MBA (PMBA) program through a non-matriculated start. Non-matriculated students may start in any quarter during the year and may take a maximum of two MBA core courses. Non-matriculated students who meet entrance criteria are eligible to waive the GMAT or GRE entrance exam requirement. For students who do not have a strong academic history, taking Simon courses before applying for matriculation may provide the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to academic excellence in graduate education to the Admissions Committee.

Courses Offered to Non-Matriculated Part-time Students

  • STR 401: Managerial Economics
  • ACC 401: Corporate Financial Accounting
  • CIS 401: Information Systems for Management
  • MKT 402: Marketing Management
  • OMG 402: Operations Management

Benefits of starting the MBA on a non-matriculated status

  • For those applicants who may not have a strong academic history, taking Simon courses before applying may provide an opportunity to demonstrate to the Admissions Committee your commitment to academic excellence in graduate education.
  • Discover first-hand if a Simon MBA is the right fit for you before applying to the program
  • By taking two courses you could be eligible to waive the GMAT as part of your application.
    • No individual grade in each of the two courses taken as a non-matriculated student can be lower than a B
    • Must have an overall cumulative GPA after completing these two courses of 3.3 or higher.

Requirements to begin on a non-matriculated basis

  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree prior to starting Simon classes
  • Attendance at the New Part-time Registration for the quarter you intend to begin classes. For more information, dates, and registration information, please visit the “Recruiting Events” section.

To register for any classes beyond the first two courses, a complete application must be submitted for a formal evaluation by the Admissions Committee. The application must be submitted on or before the application deadline specified for the quarter when you wish to continue as a matriculated student.

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