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More than ever, businesses today need leaders who understand data and analytics-and how to use them to make strategic decisions. And while a rigorous approach to analytical problem-solving has always been at the heart of Simon Business School's curriculum, we’re taking that focus a step further with the country's first STEM MBA option available regardless of a student's specialization.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) designated degrees are highly sought after for a competitive edge in the job market and for the analytical skills needed to excel in today’s data-driven organizations.

Simon is the only business school in the US to offer an option for STEM designation regardless of a student’s specialization. Students can specialize in any of the following areas and receive a STEM MBA:


  • Asset Management
  • Banking
  • Corporate Finance
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity
  • Brand Management
  • Product Management
  • Operations
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Technology

Because each MBA student has varying career interests and goals, you may choose 11 elective courses from 10 different areas of specializations. Students can also choose to add a minor, rounding out the educational experience and again giving additional marketability when entering the job market.


  • Accounting
  • Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health Sciences Management
  • Global Business 
  • Leadership
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