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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process?

Application for admission to the Simon Business School is an online process (there is no paper application for you to fill out or mail). After creating an account in ApplyYourself and accessing the online application, you may then begin to complete your application.

You will receive a PIN and password so that you can return to work on your application over several sessions. Your information is transmitted through a secured server. When you have completed your application and are ready to submit it, you can pay your application fee by credit card online, or you can mail a check or money order (in US dollars) to the Admissions Office. Applications will be processed only after the application fee has been received and paid.

Please carefully read the instructions that appear throughout the application pages. You can only submit your application once. After it has been submitted you will not have the ability to edit or update it.

You have the ability to designate your recommenders who can then submit a letter of recommendation for you online. Once you identify a recommender he or she will receive an e-mail providing instructions and access information.

You have the ability to work on your application at any time (you do not have to complete it all at once) and submit it when you are ready.

You have the ability to track the receipt of all required documentation, recommendations that have been submitted, and the overall progress of your application through the different stages.

What are the most common things overlooked by prior-year applicants?

  • NOT reading all instructions or reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • NOT using your full legal name (your name should be the same as it appears on your passport) when registering for standardized tests.
  • NOT identifying your recommendation providers early enough in the process. You should list your providers as soon as you start your application.
  • NOT returning frequently to the online application after submission to verify the status of required materials such as test scores and letters of recommendation.
  • NOT submitting your application well before the deadline of the program to which you are applying.

What are the application deadlines?

  • August 1
  • February 15

What is rolling admission?

While the Simon Business School Admissions Office does have deadlines for each program and each entry, we will also accept and complete applications submitted between advertised deadlines. While only those applications completed by the application deadline are guaranteed decision notification by the date listed for that particular application round, applications submitted between deadlines will be forwarded to the Admissions Committee for review once they are complete. Admissions decisions will be made between the notification deadline for the round that was missed and the next application round.

What is the application fee and how can I pay it?

The application fee is US$150.00. The application fee can be paid for with a credit card from within the online application, or a check in US dollars mailed to the Simon Business School. Please note that applications are not considered submitted until payment is received. If a check is being sent, your application will not be processed until the check is received and processed. The application fee is non-refundable.

I am reapplying. What do I need to do?

While we do not offer deferred admission, we do provide a much shorter reactivation process for admitted candidates to complete if you are interested in enrolling up to one year after the original entry date. Please contact our counselors at to learn how to submit a reapplication.

Where should I send my supplemental materials that could not be uploaded to my application?

You need to upload all materials to your on-line application and not mail or e-mail anything into us. Since all applications are reviewed by the Admissions Committee online, there is no physical file folder. As such, materials not attached to your application cannot be accommodated and will be discarded if received.

The online application can accommodate all of the supplemental materials you will need in support of your application. letters of recommendation are automatically attached to your application when they are submitted by your designated recommenders. Essays, résumés, transcripts/academic records, can all be uploaded to your online application. We will not consider additional materials not required in the on-line application.

You will be unable to submit your application without attaching a record of your academic performance to your online application. Transcripts are not to be mailed to us. This upload may be in the form of a scanned copy of your transcript or academic record (please see FAQ’s regarding transcript requirements).

Can I check on the status of my application and see if your office has received my letters of recommendation and or standardized test scores?

Yes, once you start your online application you can login into it at any time to check the status of the receipt of recommendations submitted for you electronically. Please wait at least 15 business days after submitting your application if you are seeking a status update to allow us sufficient time to process your application during peak periods.

If your application is marked "Incomplete" because of missing letters of recommendation, financial proof of support, transcripts, essays, or résumé, your application will not be reviewed until all documentation is received. While the Admissions Office may contact you for missing materials, it is not obligated to do so. It is your responsibility to ensure that all materials are received.

Can I apply to more than one program?

No. Applications may be made to only one program in an academic year.

I need to revise my essay, résumé, or supplemental materials but have already submitted my application. What should I do?

Updates are not allowed after an application is completed and sent to the Admissions Committee for review. If you are granted an interview, you may update the interviewer with this information and he or she will advise you on how to submit the materials. It is your responsibility to determine the status of your application and if updates/revisions will be allowed.

My application is marked “Incomplete” but the status of all my materials have been marked as received.

Status updates from “Incomplete” to “Complete” are an overnight process. We will attempt to update your status within 15 business days of receiving the missing documentation. If your status still shows “Incomplete” and all of your required scores and letters of recommendation have been received you should e-mail us at placing an "@" sign as the first character of the subject line. That will alert us that your status needs to be updated.

Remember, if your application is marked “Incomplete” it will not be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

I am currently enrolled in graduate study and my current term grades are now available. How can I report them to you?

If you have been invited for an interview, you may update us with your most recent grades at the time of your interview.

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