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Selection Criteria & Process

Aside from the important attributes of intelligence, industry, and leadership, we are looking for individuals who exhibit a positive attitude toward work, study, and group interaction. Exposure to other cultures is also a plus when evaluating a candidate. Here are some guidelines to assist you in preparing a competitive application:

Personal Qualities and Leadership Potential

Simon Business School values well-developed communication skills for all graduate applicants. We seek self-motivated individuals who believe that graduate study will significantly enhance both their technical and personal skill sets. Additionally, the Admissions Committee seeks evidence of team experiences and leadership skills, shown through on-the-job projects and/or extracurricular experiences. The Committee uses your résumé, essays, and letters of recommendation to assess these qualitative aspects of your application.

Work Experience and Goals

Simon Business School considers work experience to include internships, full-time work experience, and/or post-baccalaureate experience, when making admission decisions. The quality and quantity of working experience, combined with career goals, are equally evaluated. Your decision to pursue graduate study should be consistent with the career goals typically offered for this program.


The Admissions Committee seeks candidates committed to academic excellence. We review GMAT scores (of all matriculated start and those non-matriculated start applicants required to take the exam) and consider the overall results, as well as your quantitative and verbal distribution on the exam. Additionally, we evaluate all undergraduate and graduate coursework–including any Simon classes–that has been completed prior to applying, your overall GPA, specific review of business and mathematics grades, and your overall trend through the bachelor degree is considered. Applicant concerns related to your academic profile should be briefly addressed in the optional essay.

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