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Transfer Credits

Students may petition to receive transfer credit for graduate courses taken at other universities within five years of the date of Simon Business School matriculation. A maximum of three courses (nine credit hours) may be transferred to the Simon MBA program. A maximum of two courses (six credit hours) may be transferred to an MS program. If a part-time MBA student transfers credit for one or more of the core classes available to non-matriculated students (GBA 411, ACC 401, FIN 402, or STR 401), then they are not eligible for GMAT waiver consideration and should apply directly to the program rather than starting on a non-matriculated basis.

Students taking approved courses for transfer credit to the Simon Business School must earn a grade of B or better in those courses. Requests for transfer of course credit are made by submitting a petition for transfer credit (below) to the associate dean. Only petitions from students already matriculated into a program will be considered. Courses descriptions and syllabi should accompany the request.

Petition to Transfer Credit

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