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Excellence is rarely achieved by sitting still. In tandem with critical classroom instruction are many professional and social opportunities that will help you build your network and get the most out of your Simon experience.

Simon Business School brings the world of business to you. You will profit from our notable roster of guest speakers. From entrepreneurs and financial officers to leaders of nonprofits and marketing experts, Simon students regularly meet and learn from some of the world's premier authorities on every aspect of business.

Recent Simon guest speakers have included:

  • Robert Sands
    CEO of Constellation Brands
  • Kevin Sharer
    CEO of Amgen
  • Robert J. Keegan '72S (MBA)
    Former CEO of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
  • Mark Anderson '89S (MBA)
    SVP Global Solutions Delivery at Vendavo
  • Richard Couch
    Founder, CEO, Diablo Management Group
  • Ed Arnold
    Vice President, Products at LeveragePoint Innovations Inc.
  • Beth Comstock
    Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
    General Electric
  • Scott Blum
    Chief of Staff, Program Delivery, Aetna
  • Roger Ferguson
  • Marc Levinson
    Principal, CapGemini
  • Sarah Maloy '00S (MBA)
    Director, Consumer Insights, PepsiCo
  • Tony Mazzullo '84S (MBA)
    President & CEO, Veramark
  • Bill McNabb
    President & CEO, Vanguard
  • David Piacquad
    Senior Vice President, Schering-Plough Corp.
  • Jeff Sorensen
    Principal, PwC
  • Tom Thaney '83S (MBA)
    Vice President, Citigroup
  • Scott Thomas '92S (MBA)
    Vice President Consumer Marketing
    Turner Entertainment (Cartoon Network)
  • Roselinde Torres
    Partner & Managing Director
    Boston Consulting Group—New York Office
  • Keith E. Wandell
    Director, President, and CEO
    Harley-Davidson Inc.
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