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Your decision to pursue an advanced degree marks one of the most important steps in your business career. Where you obtain your degree lays the groundwork for the type of leader you will be, and the caliber of professionals with whom you’ll interact.

Simon Business School’s management education is transformative, and our approach sets us apart from all other business programs. The approach incorporates a balance between the theoretical and the practical, so you learn the latest management theories and how to effectively use them in practical business situations. The common language of economics allows you to share ideas and solve problems based on mutually understood methods.

Simon gives you the tools to solve business problems creatively, allowing you to make tough decisions in real-world situations. You’ll achieve a superior level of leadership, both personally and professionally, in an environment that is impressive all the way around—from our world-class curriculum and faculty, to the classmates you learn from every day, to the Simon network of alumni.

Simon prides itself on being one of the most personalized among the leading business schools. This facilitates a highly interactive learning process with fellow classmates and professors. You are taught a three-step approach, called FACt—Frame-Analyze-Communicate—to think through business problems, rather than just recall the latest business cases and solutions. Simon graduates leave the School with the clarity to find opportunities in problems, and then create positive change.

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