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Tim Holland

Professional MBA, Class of 1996

Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer (BRE, BNL, and BTR)
Broadstone Real Estate

As the lead operations executive at Broadstone, Tim Holland is responsible for managing the administrative, human resource, information technology, and operations functions for the growing real estate company. According to Holland, it is Simon’s commitment to teamwork, almost as much as its focus on an analytic approach to business, which helps drive the value of the School’s MBA. “Simon doesn’t overlook the fact that no matter what industry you’re in, you have to learn how to be a leader and work with people,” he says. “On almost every project, someone has to evolve as the leader. Beyond the coursework, you learn how to work together as a team to accomplish your goals.”

A strong team player, Holland was working for Xerox when he decided to pursue his MBA and strike out on his own. “I wanted to get more business experience,” he says. “So I stayed with Xerox until starting DocuLegal with my brother.” Holland says he applied much of what he learned in his MBA to get the startup business going. “I was using many of the skills I developed at Simon,” he notes. “Many of the marketing courses laid the groundwork for the business. We did the analysis, wrote the business plan, and finally started the company.” Holland would go on to several successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Through the many ups and downs of starting entrepreneurial enterprises, Holland says he continued to rely on the skills he took with him from business school. “Some of the toughest decisions I had to make were based on analyzing data and crunching the numbers around profitability,” he notes. “Both Simon and my own work experience taught me that sometimes you really have to look at the facts and take the emotion out of a situation in order to arrive at the right decision. That can be the hardest thing to do.”

Holland’s ability to balance the human side of business with the quantitative focus of data analysis offer what he says are important skills for his position at Broadstone. “I manage most of the internal operations,” he says, “I’m also the chief compliance officer with information technology and human resources being two big pieces.” Even with a wide range of responsibilities, Holland says his approach often mirrors the company principles, particularly those put forth by Broadstone Executive Chairman and Chief Investment Officer Amy Tait. “There’s always an analytical data model that will help make good business decisions,” he says, “I think that it starts from the top with Amy. She has a brilliant mind for business and has been instrumental in assembling a great team.”

Tim Holland Holland

“Simon changed the way I looked at operations and gave me the skills to make processes more efficient. My MBA helped develop an analytical approach towards operations.”

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