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Throughout the academic year, Simon Business School hosts many guest speakers through the Frederick Kalmbach Executive Seminar Series, the Max Farash Series, and the Sands Leadership Lecture Series. From entrepreneurs and financial officers, to leaders of nonprofits and marketing experts, Simon students regularly meet and learn from some of the world’s foremost authorities on every aspect of business. Discussion topics include current business issues, individual leadership philosophy, strategic vision, and corporate challenges.

Simon faculty share their research and insights in panel presentations and as guest lecturers. In addition, they are frequently cited in academic journals and quoted in national press coverage.


Simon alumni hold key positions in various organizations around the globe. Nearly 15,000 Simon alumni offer a wealth of knowledge, networking connections, and resources that will continue to help create opportunities and impact your career, long after you have completed your degree. With dozens of active regional alumni networks throughout the world, alumni continue to participate in and support numerous initiatives including Simon’s Annual Conference, held in New York City each May.

Regionally, you will find a strong network of alumni across functional areas in key corporations, supporting the growth and economic development of our community.


Our students are hand-picked based on their business experience, personal achievement, professional growth potential, and the motivation and drive to succeed in this rigorous program. This means you’ll learn from a diverse group of peers, with a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise, who are as committed to success as you are.

While studying at Simon Business School, you’ll be working with classmates who are chosen for the diversity of their skills and industry backgrounds. In no time, you’ll come to rely on your teammates for support and assistance, not just to complete challenging team assignments, but to share ideas and experiences.

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