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Speaking the language of business. Broadstone Real Estate is a company that understands the value of a Simon Business School education. With eight alumni in key company positions, including CEO Amy Tait and President & CFO Chris Czarnecki, they all utilize Simon’s framework for data-driven analysis and problem solving. This approach made Broadstone a pioneer in finding innovative ways to raise capital, evaluate new business opportunities and enter new markets.

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Amy Tait

Full-Time MBA, Class of 1985

Executive Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, Broadstone Real Estate (BRE), Broadstone Net Lease (BNL), and Broadtree Residential (BTR)

“Broadstone is growing at a rapid pace. The best thing we can do for our business is to keep exploring and always pay attention to the data. Simon helped me approach problems and find smart solutions.”

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Chris Czarnecki

Full-Time MBA, Class of 2009

Chief Executive Officer (BRE, BNL, and BTR)

“I’m definitely pulling from what I learned at Simon. Even skills that were on the backburner are now very applicable. In my current role, I need to understand of everything from human resources to information technology.”

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Ryan Albano

Professional MBA, Class of 2013

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (BRE, BNL, and BTR)

“I knew I was getting a lot out of my MBA but sometimes I’m surprised how much I’m able to apply it. Every day, I’m able to work through real-life problems because of the frameworks and methodologies I learned at Simon.”

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Dan Blasi

Professional MBA, Class of 2014

Investor Relations Associate

“I didn’t expect to love the finance and economics as much as I did. I find myself wishing I could go back and sit in some of those classes. Simon is the best business school around for your MBA.”

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Sean Cutt

Executive MBA, Class of 2014

President and Chief Operating Officer (BNL and BRE Commercial Division)

“I was looking to advance my education and build a stronger foundation in finance. Simon helped me reach those goals by strengthening my ability to understand and analyze information while developing my skills to communicate the results.”

Tim Holland - Broadstone 158x190

Tim Holland

Professional MBA, Class of 1996

Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer (BRE, BNL, and BTR)

“Simon changed the way I looked at operations and gave me the skills to make processes more efficient. My MBA helped develop an analytical approach towards operations that I’ve been able to apply throughout my career.”


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