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Energizing the power of tomorrow. When your goal is to develop cutting-edge technologies that will help meet the increasing demand for alternate energy sources, you turn to highly skilled individuals who are trained to fuel success—Simon MBAs. At the biotech firm Sweetwater Energy, three members of the leadership team got their start at Simon, including Chairman and CEO Arunas Chesonis, founder of the former PAETEC Corporation. Today, these individuals are helping spark a company that is poised to be a leader in bioenergy products and contribute to the Rochester region’s reputation for successful entrepreneurial ventures.

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Arunas Chesonis '91S (MBA)

Part-Time MBA, Class of 1991

“I wanted to combine my engineering degree with an MBA to become a more well-rounded employee. Simon gave me that opportunity. The School had a great reputation in the finance area and was an excellent local university for my evening courses. Best of all, Simon gave me workplace experiences at a young age that often aren’t acquired until one is older.”

— Arunas Chesonis, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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Elizabeth Schirmer '11S (MBA)

Part-Time MBA, Class of 2011

“My time at Simon prepared me for a career in an entrepreneurial environment. The core focus on a curriculum rooted in framing, analyzing, and effectively communicating business initiatives enabled me to be a valuable contributor to Sweetwater from day one. I continue to draw upon the Simon principles of business ethics and value creation in my job every single day.”

— Elizabeth Schirmer, Vice President, Sales and Customer Advocacy

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Jonathan Sherwood '10S (MBA)

Executive MBA, Class of 2010

“The highlight of my Simon experience was a class called Technology Entrepreneurship. Two Simon students were paired with two students from the engineering school, and the four of us developed a full business plan based on real-world science. Our group chose solar energy technology in development at the University, and we worked incredibly hard to get a grasp of the technology’s capabilities, to find and define the right market niche, and lay out the business plan. That work laid the foundation for me when I graduated and joined Sweetwater in its infancy.”

— Jonathan Sherwood, Vice President, Financial Planning and Analysis


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