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Using data to drive performance. Because their business depends on analyzing big data to optimize the performance of trucking fleets, Vnomics counts on employees with well-developed quantitative skills, a hallmark of Simon School graduates. So it’s not surprising that over ten percent of Vnomics’ current employees hold Simon MBAs, including President David Chauncey and VP, Operations Ed McCarthy. Today, Vnomics continues to recruit and hire Simon graduates, a strategic investment in the company’s future as a leader in innovative, data-driven approaches to fleet management and maintenance.

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Ed McCarthy

Executive MBA, Class of 2012

Vice President, Operations

“Simon helped round out my engineering background with business skills in areas like accounting. What appealed to me was the Simon program’s focus on true analytical approaches to all aspects of the business. And that’s why Vnomics continues to bring on Simon graduates. When we start to look for data to add value to our customers, an employee with a Simon background is going to come up with a creative look at that data. What’s more, they’re going to have the underlying analytical skills to validate their approach. It applies every single day.”

David Chauncey Vnomics 158x190

David Chauncey

Part-Time MBA, Class of 2009


“What I learned at Simon was incredibly useful to me as an engineer and as the leader of a start-up.  The technical background I already had and the business perspective I got from Simon — you put those two together and it really changes your perspective. There are hundreds of examples of how I apply what I learned at Simon on a day-to-day basis here at Vnomics — everything from screening ideas to defining our product value propositions to structuring our board of directors. It was immediately apparent how to apply the theoretical framework I learned to real business challenges. And that’s invaluable whether you’re starting a company or operating in a big one.“

Nick Elliott Vnomics 158x190

Nick Elliott

Part-Time MBA, Class of 2009

Lead Software Engineer

“As an engineer, I specifically chose the Simon School for their strength in finance. I walked away from the program with a better business mindset and an understanding of why you would enter into certain markets with various products. Using the frameworks I learned during my MBA program, I now have a different thought process when making decisions and can help my team at Vnomics understand other decisions being made.“

Scott Hathaway Vnomics 158x190

Scott Hathaway

Part-Time MBA, Class of 1999

Data Scientist

“My role as Data Scientist at Vnomics is best described as a combination of data analytics, computer programming and business knowledge. The Simon MBA helped pull all of these areas together, giving me a unique skillset, which is vital in this ‘Big Data’ world. During my time in the program, I would apply what I was learning directly to my job the very next day.“

Bob Magnant Vnomics 158x190

Robert Magnant

Part-Time MBA, Class of 2009

Director of Product Strategy

“I choose Simon due to its well-respected financial and analytical focus. Simon provided a solid foundation for my post-graduate career in Product Management at Vnomics. Having a broad understanding of general business is crucial in this role. Additionally, the focus on entrepreneurship and generating new ideas is something I utilize on a daily basis.“


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