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Harris RF Communications

Communicating in a common language. As the leading global supplier of communication equipment for military, public safety, government, and commercial customers, Harris RF Communications counts on a specially trained, elite team to help drive their success, Simon MBAs. With their help, the company is working to develop solutions that will redefine tomorrow’s frontlines and battlefields.



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Dana Mehnert ’91S (MBA)

“While I had an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, I realized that sales and marketing and general management was the direction in which I ultimately wanted to take my career. Since I was working in international sales at Harris RF, I needed a local part-time MBA program that I could attend while still doing extensive travel. The part-time program at Simon was very flexible, and provided me with a strong analytical and financial background, as well as the academic framework to solve business problems.”

—Dana Mehnert ’91S (MBA), Part-time MBA Program, Group President

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Hironori Sasaki '13

PMBA Candidate

“After I decided that I wanted to earn my MBA part-time, I found that the Simon PMBA program matched my needs, which included an aggressive pace and the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded students. My studies have already started to help me analyze complex business problems in my current job at Harris RF, and I hope my MBA will continue to help me accelerate my career and prepare me for greater responsibilities in the future.”

—Hironori Sasaki, PMBA Candidate, Class of 2013, Product Line Manager, FalconFighter Soldier Systems

Denis Rozin Profile photo 158x190

Denis Rozin ’12S (MBA)

“As a financial analyst, I thought that I would greatly benefit from seeing more than just the financial side of the business, but also the strategic aspect of it. A part-time MBA at Simon presented itself as an exciting and useful learning opportunity. Pursuing my degree at Simon provided me with the technical and strategic tools to not only succeed in my current role, but also to grow in my career at Harris RF.”

—Denis Rozin ’12S (MBA), Part-time Flexible MBA Program, Senior Financial Analyst




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