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Investing in each other’s future. A Simon education is about partnering with fellow students, and sharing knowledge and support that builds lifelong friendships and connections. For Ryan Albano and Daniel MacIntyre, the bond they have built at Simon as PMBA program classmates has allowed them to pursue their career aspirations and help one another work toward their professional goals. It’s no coincidence that they now work together in the fast-paced world of finance at Manning & Napier as they complete their degrees.

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Daniel MacIntyre ’13

PMBA Candidate

“The Simon PMBA combines the flexibility of a part-time program with the immersion of a full-time program. The ability to work while having the opportunity to network with a familiar group of peers was an invaluable experience. I entered the program as a Software Engineer and am now a Senior Financial Analyst at Manning & Napier. The quantity and quality of the topics I have learned made me more than qualified for the position, even with no previous background in the material, and the connections acquired through having a cohort allowed for ample opportunities. I can definitively say that the connections and education gained through the Simon PMBA program was the key factor in opening the path for the career that I wanted, and now have.”

—Daniel MacIntyre, PMBA Candidate, Class of 2013, Senior Financial Analyst

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Ryan Albano '13

PMBA Candidate

“I chose the Simon PMBA program because it provides me with an opportunity to pursue an MBA from a highly regarded business school on a part-time basis, while affording me the benefits of the full-time program, such as a structured course progression, inclusion in the Simon community, and networking opportunities. My goal for the future is to pursue a successful career in finance, and I believe that a Simon education will provide me with a solid academic foundation I need to achieve this goal. I met Daniel through the Simon PMBA program, and knew he was looking to transition to finance. When a position opened up at Manning & Napier, I brought it to his attention. We now work together as we continue to pursue our MBAs.”

—Ryan Albano, PMBA Candidate, Class of 2013, Assistant CFO, Mutual Funds


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