Simon Business School

Class Schedules


Course Numbering System 

The following is the course numbering system: 

  • 400 - 499 Graduate Courses — Master's level
  • 500 - 599 Graduate Courses — Doctoral level

Class Days Abbreviations

  • M — Monday
  • T Tuesday
  • W — Wednesday
  • R — Thursday
  • F — Friday
  • S — Saturday
  • TBA — indicates that the class meeting time is to be arranged.

Meeting Times

The beginning and ending times of classes in the schedule are based on a 24-hour clock. The time for each class that meets after 12 noon can be determined by subtracting 1200 from the time indicated on the schedule. For example: 1300 is 1:00 p.m., 2100 is 9:00 p.m.

Room Abbreviations

  • CS — Carol Simon Hall
  • G — Gleason Hall
  • S — Schlegel Hall

Credit Hour Policy

Verification of enrollment for matriculated and non-matriculated Simon MBA and MS students are based on the following each semester. This policy is effective beginning Fall 2019.

  • Full time status will be students taking at least 10.5 credits per semester.
  • Part time status will be students taking 10 credits or less.
  • Half-time status will be students taking at least 6 credits. (Less than half-time status will be students taking less than 6 credits).

Simon Business School uses semester credit hours like the rest of the University.  
The credit-hour policy in effect prior to 2019 when Simon offered three 9-week quarters per year is available in this Credit Hour Policy document.

The current credit-hour policy is available at the Provost’s webpage on credit-hour compliance.


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