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Room Reservations

Room Reservations outside of Schlegel Hall or Gleason Hall require approval from the University Registrar's Office. Please contact the Simon Registrar's Office at 585-275-3533 for additional information.

Classroom Scheduling Guidelines - revised 1/2019

Student Information System (SIS) and ISIS Uploads
Please note that there can be a delay from the time a student registers until the course(s) appear in Blackboard due to different system uploads. The Student Information System (SIS) uploads student and course data to the University's Information System (ISIS) on a daily basis. The University's Information System (ISIS) exports registrations to Blackboard.

Upload Schedule, Monday - Sunday
SIS (Darden) to ISIS (University student records system) ...3:15 a.m., 11:15 a.m., 4:15 p.m.
ISIS to Blackboard...6:00 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 8:30 p.m.

Final Grading Procedures

  • Simon faculty who teach undergraduate semester courses will enter final grades through the University of Rochester "Instructor Access Plus" system. Faculty will receive information regarding grading from the University Registrar prior to grading.
  • Simon faculty who teach graduate courses (400 and 500 level) will enter grades through the Darden online grading system. Faculty will receive information regarding grading from the Simon School Registrar prior to grading.
  • Quick Reference Guide - How to Login to Simon Exchange and Student Information System online grading.
  • Instructions for online grading if you are both a PhD student and a Simon School instructor. 1.) You have two separate logins. 2.) Login to Simon Exchange using your PhD login and password (the same you use to access your Simon e-mail account). 3.) Then when you login to the Student Information System online grading, use your instructor login (i.e. J.Smith) and password.
  • Grade Posting Policy - Faculty are required to submit grades for summer, fall and winter quarters within four business days after the final exam, or four business days after the last class if there is no exam. In the spring quarter, faculty must turn in their grades within four days of the exams for cohort courses, and 48 hours for all other courses.

Change of Grade Forms - For students who are near graduation: the new letter grade must be assigned before the first day of class for the upcoming quarter if the student is planning to graduate that term. For example, if the student is expected to graduate at the end of Fall Quarter (December), then the Registrar's Office must receive the change of grade form before the first day of classes for Winter Quarter.

Fall B 2019 Final Grades -  Online grading will open on December 12 and close 11:00pm on December 23, 2019. Final grades are due at 11:00pm on December 23, 2019.



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